Emirates' Premium Economy Tickets Go On Sale Next Month, Here's What You Need To Know
Photo Credit: Image courtesy of Emirates Airlines

Photo Credit: Image courtesy of Emirates Airlines

Emirates' Premium Economy Tickets Go On Sale Next Month, Here's What You Need To Know

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie May 10, 2022

Emirates airline is coming for the number 1 spot! The airline will officially start selling its much-anticipated Premium Economy seats on June 1st. The airline confirmed August 1st as the official launch of the cabin. 

The Premium Economy cabin was first revealed in December 2020 and the first flights took off in January 2021. Although the airline has been in flight, tickets to the cabin were not being sold. Instead, Emirates tested the cabin, receiving feedback and building up its fleet of aircrafts with premium economy cabins.

June 1st tickets

Although ticket sales will start on June 1st for Emirates’ Premium Economy, travelers will have to wait until August 1st to experience the cabin. 

At launch, the airline will focus on flying Premium Economy flights to London Heathrow, Paris Charles de Gaulle, and Sydney. Currently, there are 6 Emirates A380 flights with Premium Economy cabins. 

The airline will add Christchurch, New Zealand to the Premium Economy destination offering in November. 

Prices have not been confirmed as yet, but it’s estimated to be between economy and business class prices.

What does Premium Economy offer?

Travelers will experience “wider, cream leather seats and enjoy extra room to stretch out on raised cushion leg rests.” Premium Economy will be located in the front of the aircraft, so travelers get priority to exit when flights land.

In-flight food options will include dishes from regional monthly menus, fine wines, and china tableware. 

Emirates Premium Economy Inflight Dining

Premium Economy cabins will also have 13.3-inch HD TVs and inflight entertainment systems with thousands of albums, movies, TV shoes…etc. Travelers will be able to connect their headphones wirelessly via Bluetooth and use higher speed inflight Wi-Fi. 

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