Emirates Airline Invests $2 Billion In Upgrades To Enhance Your In-Flight Experience
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Emirates Airline Invests $2 Billion In Upgrades To Enhance Your In-Flight Experience

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Simone Cherí
Simone Cherí Sep 30, 2022

In an era of peak frustration when traveling by air, Emirates is doubling down on its already outstanding reputation. The “Fly Better” airline recently announced a new program to complete major updates for an improved customer experience. Emirates will retrofit over 120 aircraft interiors along with improvements to its already stellar service. The latest initiative includes upgrades to meal choices, a cinema in the sky, specialized training for flight attendants, and more.

In a statement about the upgrades, President of Emirates Airlines Tim Clark said: “While others respond to industry pressures with cost cuts, Emirates is flying against the grain and investing to deliver ever better experiences to our customers… Now we’re rolling out a series of intensive programs to take Emirates’ signature inflight experiences to the next level.”

Fine Dining In The Sky

Photo Credit: Emirates

This fall marks the rollout of new-inspired menus thanks to Emirates’ team of award-winning chefs, catering team, and suppliers. Pan-fried salmon trout and roasted duck breast are two of the mouth-watering dining options on select Emirates routes for First Class flyers. Business and economy menus will also see upgrades.

To address the growing demand for better options among Vegan customers, a new vegan menu offers healthy, plant-based meals. Passengers interested in a healthier food selection can expect new menu items such as pan-roasted king oyster mushrooms and jackfruit biryani. For those with a sweet tooth, prepare to enjoy decadent desserts with a presentation that makes them almost too good to actually eat.

Champagne and caviar also made the list of changes to the First Class Experience. Emirates is upping the game with unlimited Persian caviar and a Dom Perignon vintage champagne pairing. An exclusive agreement with the luxury brand makes it the only airline to offer the prestigious bubbly on-board.

Upgraded Interiors, Entertainment, and Service

Photo Credit: Emirates

Improvements to aircraft fleet interiors are the most significant investment Emirates will be undertaking in the program. All Emirates passengers will fly in comfort with new or reupholstered seating, flooring, and other enhanced cabin features. If your 2023 travels include an Emirates flight, you’re likely to experience these new updates.

Passenger perks are even being upgraded on the entertainment front. You’ll now be able to browse and pre-select movies or TV shows on the Emirates app. First Class passengers have access to 5,000 channels through the airline’s ice inflight entertainment system and premium on-demand cinema snacks such as lobster rolls, edamame, and salted popcorn.

Emirates has also partnered with Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, one of the world’s top hospitality management schools, to take its service to the next level. Emirates Hospitality is a new strategy to engage its employees through intensive training programs to deliver unforgettable moments for customers.

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