Imagine you’re sitting at a table on a beautiful island, surrounded by volcanic landscapes, and you’re about to savor a meal that’s grilled, seared, and smoked over the fiery belly of a volcano. This is a reality you can experience at El Diablo, a one-of-a-kind restaurant on the island of Lanzarote in Spain.

Lanzarote, part of the Spanish archipelago, is renowned for its surreal volcanic landscapes, moon-like terrain, and otherworldly beauty. In addition, its unique topography, shaped by centuries of volcanic activity, makes it a magnet for travelers seeking something extraordinary. While there are other opportunities for soaking oneself in the island’s natural beauties, dining at El Diablo stands.

The Restaurant

El Diablo, which translates to “The Devil” in Spanish, is anything but diabolical. Situated in Timanfaya National Park, this restaurant offers guests an unparalleled dining experience amid volcanic craters and rugged terrain. It’s a testament to the island’s deep-rooted connection with its geological history.

El Diablo Restaurant in Spain
Picture Credit: @mariiakolodiazhna / Instagram

What sets El Diablo apart from every other restaurant is its cooking method. Instead of traditional stoves and ovens, El Diablo relies on Mother Nature’s raw power – volcanic heat. The restaurant sits atop a dormant volcano, and its kitchen is over a scorching pit where temperatures can reach a blistering 400°C (750°F). The chef harnesses this natural heat to cook various dishes, from succulent meats to mouthwatering vegetables.

El Diablo’s Menu

El Diablo’s menu is a fusion of traditional Canarian cuisine and international flavors, all cooked using volcanic heat. Firstly, start your meal with grilled chorizo sausage with fried peppers. Alternatively, go for a vegetable cream from their garden, with small pieces of Lanzarote cheese and watercress oil. These delectable bites are the perfect introduction to the volcanic gastronomy that awaits you.

Food at El Diablo Restaurant in Spain
Picture Credit: @cact_lanzarote / Instagram

For the main course, the grilled meats steal the show. Marinated to perfection, then sizzled over the fiery pit until they attain a smoky char, the succulent cuts are nothing short of divine. The volcanic heat imparts a unique flavor and tenderness to the meats.  Additionally, seafood lovers will be satisfied, too. El Diablo offers fresh catches from the surrounding waters, expertly prepared with a volcanic twist. The grilled fish with salad and wrinkled potatoes, in particular, is a standout dish. Furthermore, vegetarians and vegans aren’t left out in this fiery feast. El Diablo offers roasted vegetables and salads.

The Ambiance

The environment of El Diablo is an attraction in and of itself. The rustic style of the restaurant, with its black volcanic stones and wooden beams, blends nicely with the surrounding volcanic scenery. The large windows allow diners to enjoy the spectacular views while enjoying their gastronomic experience.