Do you have plans to visit Disney World, arguably the most famous theme park on earth? Please be aware of some rules to ensure the enjoyment of as many guests as possible.

Some Guests Are Getting Rowdy At The Disney Resorts

In response to issues with guest rowdiness, Disney’s All-Star Music Resort erected signs on its grounds. They read, “hey there, musicians! We hope that you are enjoying your stay! Please remember that quiet hours are between 11:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.”

Loud noise has a way of traveling through the resort at all hours of the day and night. According to Inside The Music (ITM), “the walls aren’t necessarily as thick as some would like, and guests can be rather noisy at times.”

Unsurprisingly, the resort attracts the likes of cheer groups and marching bands, as noted by Disney Dining.

Music is the theme at the Disney All Star Resort, with a focus on jazz, rock n’ roll, show themes and more. The resort’s pool is shaped like a guitar, the suites have music-inspired decor, and there are giant guitars and microphones all around.

The Rock Inn part of the resort is fashioned after a glowing, 1950s-style jukebox, decorated with music notes.

Disney May Get Tougher On Use Of Electronic Devices On Rides And At Certain Attractions

In addition to the excess noise, some adult guests are unwilling to put their cell phones down and live in the moment.

As noted by Disney Fanatic, “the behavior that came up most often was the usage of phones in a multitude of ways while on dark rides.”

For example, one person complained about a guest using flash while in Madame Leota’s room at Haunted Mansion.

Another person wrote, “a lady was filming with flash on. Wtf. They stopped the ride and asked everyone to turn off flashlights. She had no clue. Entire ride was stopped a good 60-90s for her to understand. Everyone was trying to tell her. She straight up ignored.”

On Reddit, a third guest complained about a woman who had her phone set to full brightness at Haunted Mansion. There was no way to ignore it, since “the cars on that ride are side to side most of the time.”

There have also been issues with people checking emails, texting, perusing social media and vlogging at inappropriate times.

In 2022, Space Mountain banned photography and filming. Signs there read, “handheld or loose articles, including cell phones and cameras, are not permitted while riding.”

The Most Magical Place On Earth

For generations, Disney World has drawn record amounts of people, especially families with young children. Even adults will find themselves entertained.

Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and EPCOT, offer an overwhelming amount of shows, rides, food and attractions.

There’s so much happening that you likely will need several days to enjoy everything.

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