Delta Air Lines Flight Staff Offer Tips For A More Enjoyable Flight Experience
Photo Credit: Delta Air Lines

Photo Credit: Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines Flight Staff Offer Tips For A More Enjoyable Flight Experience

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Sep 13, 2021

The bottom line: people are ready to get back in the air, and back to flying for vacation or just to see loved ones. And while there is an increase in air travel, many are hesitant after a string of unruly passenger cases made their way into the headlines. However, Delta Air Lines has been working hard to ensure their flight attendants and flight crews are well-prepared to bring passengers the best flying experience possible.

The US-based airline has pivoted— as with most of the world— to stay up-to-date as things change rapidly throughout the many phases of the global pandemic. As you can imagine, flight attendants and flight crews have gone through a myriad of changes, which can weigh heavy on their mental health and well-being.

Delta Air Lines has stepped up by implementing and offering a host of support services for its staff, to ensure they are able to perform at the highest level while in-flight. They have also added special trainings for flight attendants to not only keep them safe while in the air, but to also keep passengers safe and comfortable.

“What I love most is that as flight attendants, we are not alone while in the air,” Trelawney Bundrage, flight attendant and initial training program coordinator for Delta Air Lines told Travel Noire. “We are fully supported from takeoff to landing. Not only do we have the support of the captain and flight deck, but there is a team on the ground helping us every step of the way as well.”

Because of the host of support, even when things go awry 30,000+ feet in the air, Delta’s flight attendants are able to instantly revert to their training modules to keep passengers calm.

“When I speak to our amazing flight attendants all across the country, the one thing I constantly hear is that the training instantly kicks in, even when things sometimes go wrong on-board,” Jennie Ho, vice president of in-flight service field operations, said. “They are able to remain calm and ultimately keep passengers calm, to continue to provide a top-notch flying experience.”

Courtesy of Delta Air Lines

We asked Trelawney and Jennie to provide a few tips for passengers, so that they can do their part to aid in a smooth flying experience. Here’s what they said:

Remember that flight attendants are there first and foremost to keep everyone safe

Delta flight attendants are trained and prepared for any situation that can occur on an aircraft. If something happens during your flight, it’s always best to let the flight attendants handle and de-escalate any situation first. If flight attendants need any help from customers, be sure to listen out for and follow any crew members’ instructions.

Remember to pack your patience – there are many factors that can impact departure and arrival times

Flight delays are not fun for anyone, including flight attendants. It’s important to remember that Delta crews are working hard every day to get our customers to their destinations safely, but there are many factors out of their control such as weather and air traffic control delays that can impact flight schedules. We’re in it together.

Download the Fly Delta app for quick and easy flight information

The Fly Delta app is your ultimate travel companion, so make sure to have it downloaded before your next trip. The app shares real-time updates throughout your journey, including flight status, connecting gate information and more. While flight attendants can help you with any questions, don’t forget about this valuable resource at your fingertips for quick flight information!

Pack a comfortable mask to wear through the airport and on the airplane

Masks are still required by federal law, so make sure you’re wearing your mask at all times while in the airport and throughout the duration of your flight, even if you’re vaccinated for COVID-19.

Don’t forget a pair of headphones and any chargers for your electronic devices

Flight attendants always travel prepared, so make sure to bring a good pair of headphones and any chargers, so you can stay connected and entertained in case there are any unexpected delays. Once onboard your Delta flight, sit back and enjoy the latest hit movies, TV series, Spotify playlists and premium entertainment available on Delta Studio with seat back screens on nearly all of our mainline fleet.

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