Unruly Passengers Force US Airline Carriers To Pause Alcohol Sales In Main Cabin
Photo Credit: David De Lossy

Photo Credit: David De Lossy

Unruly Passengers Force US Airline Carriers To Pause Alcohol Sales In Main Cabin

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Malik Peay
Malik Peay Jul 29, 2021

Following the string of incidents involving unruly passengers on major airlines, American Airlines is deciding to pause its alcohol sales for the main cabin until the fall. The airlines’ mask mandate runs until September 13th and alcohol sales may be suspended until then due to the uptick of violence and misconduct that has happened in the previous months.

Flight attendants have been assaulted and passengers have become more bold with their actions mid-flight, and this is most likely because of the public assimilating back to crowded spaces, including planes and airports.

Prior to departure, premium ticket-holders and first class passengers will not be able to drink alcoholic beverages onboard. It’s not until the plane reaches over 500 miles that these passengers may indulge in the plane’s alcoholic offerings and their dining menu.

In the main cabin, passengers can order coffee, fruit juices, bottled and canned drinks during their flight, but they will not be able to order any type of alcoholic drink aboard an American Airlines flight.

“Over the past weeks, we’ve seen some of these stressors create deeply disturbing situations on board aircraft. Let me be clear: American Airlines will not tolerate assault or mistreatment of our crews,” American Airlines Vice President, D Brady Byrnes, said in a memo. “While we appreciate that customers and crew members are eager to return to ‘normal,’ we will move cautiously and deliberately when restoring pre-COVID practices.”

Southwest Airlines followed suit with banning alcohol sales aboard their planes because of the incidents that have put their staff and flight attendants in danger. One of their staff members lost two teeth mid-flight because of a violent passenger who later was charged for felony battery assault.

These series of inappropriate events ties with why Southwest Airlines hasn’t announced a statement of when they will continue making alcohol available for their flight passengers.

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