Dave Chappelle Set To Open Restaurant And Comedy Club In Ohio Hometown
Photo Credit: Stephen J. Cohen

Photo Credit: Stephen J. Cohen

Dave Chappelle Set To Open Restaurant And Comedy Club In Ohio Hometown

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Malik Peay
Malik Peay Sep 23, 2021

Comedian Dave Chappelle will be opening an eatery, comedy club, and lounge for locals of Yellow Springs, Ohio, where he was raised and is based.

The famous American entertainer has established himself as a renowned comedian with his own televised show and various Netflix comedy stand-up specials. Now, he is looking to curate future generations of comedic talent through his own comedy club that will replace the older Miami Township fire station building.

Chappelle’s Iron Table Holdings LLC bought the Ohio fire station building and is renovating it, so he can transform the warehouse into a space for lively comedy fans and sit-down guests who want to enjoy food from his future selected menu.

Chappelle purchased the space in December 2020 and is looking to revamp it for his future plans that will give a platform to younger comedians looking to break into the industry, and he is aiming to focus on local talent.

The Dave Chappelle restaurant is slated to be open 7 days a week, while his comedy club will only be open for 4 days and will run from the evening to late nights, 6pm to 2am.

Yellow Springs, Ohio is one hour north of Cincinnati and is a smaller town that Chappelle is hoping to make more lively by bringing inspiring talent to the forefront at his own establishments. The construction plans for Chappelle’s comedy club and other eateries were approved on Tuesday and will further the progress of his comedy empire.

According to the Daily Dayton news of Ohio, the restaurant will be called “Firehouse Eatery” and the comedy club is going to be titled “Live From YS.” The larger fire station venue is right off of 225 Corry St and will house outdoor and indoor seating for guests, with various smaller stages for comedy performances.

The restaurant, itself, will be open until 10pm all throughout the week.

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