Dark Tourism: Police Stop 'The Watcher' Fans From Visiting New Jersey Home
Photo Credit: pexels-johnmark-smith

Photo Credit: pexels-johnmark-smith

Dark Tourism: Police Stop 'The Watcher' Fans From Visiting New Jersey Home

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Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Oct 31, 2022

‘The Watcher’ fans can no longer show up to real New Jersey house from the trending Netflix show. Police cordoned off the house because fans made the home a dark tourism hot spot.

‘The Watcher’, a seven-part drama series, tells the story of chilling events surrounding a house in New Jersey, where new owners receive a slew of strange letters from a stalker. Despite landing in what they thought was their dream home, the couple eventually leave. This is as a result of the stalker who calls themselves ‘The Watcher’.

In the real world, fans have completely taken over the local area so much so that police have put up a sign saying ‘no trespassing’, according to CBS News.

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What we know:

The series landed and immediately soared to the top of global Netflix viewing charts. The show, which is loosely based on true events, is now forcing the neighborhood into dark tourism. Currently, the homeowner and neighbors have received many driveway visits and door-knockers. This has intensified during the Halloween period.

According to reports, police officers are regularly stopping by the house to prevent fans gathering around the New Jersey home. The attention has caused a huge headache for the local community which led to these further efforts to protect their privacy.

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