The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is a magical European city. Known as the “City of a Hundred Spires,” its history runs back centuries into the days of the Vikings and medieval times. The rich culture serves as a backdrop for tourists visiting from all over the world as a true European gem. Here are six cultural experiences to have before departing from Prague. 

Prague Astronomical Clock

Photo credit: Diego F. Parra

The Prague Astronomical Clock is a wonder you don’t want to miss when visiting the European city. It’s visible from the Old Town Square and stands as a symbol of national pride. The clock consists of different puppet-like images popping up as time passes. It was originally built in 1410 and has undergone many restorations since being built 600 years ago. However, it still displays the 12 apostles in motion, an astronomical desk, and a calendar. Other imagery graces the clock as well as the hours pass by, making it an ancient wonder in Prague. 

Lennon Wall

A display of street art history in Prague, the Lennon Wall pays homage to the great musician John Lennon. The colorful wall is located on Velkoprevorske Namesti across the street from the French Embassy. Fans and music lovers from around the world visit the mural to honor the Beatles member. Back in the day, the wall was the site of many protests and peace movements. Today, tourists can pay a local photographer to capture their photo in front of the iconic wall. 

The Dancing House

Photo credit: Bahar Ayans

Inspired by two famous dancers, the Dancing House is an architectural wonder in Prague. It was constructed between 1992 and 1996. Renowned architect Vlado Milunic and designer Frank O. Gehry were brought in to create the leaning structure. The design intends to resemble dancers Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire swaying together in unison. The building houses many things for tourists to explore including a hotel, a luxury restaurant, incredible views, and art galleries. 

Museum Of Senses 

Photo credit: Soheb Zaidi

The Museum of Senses is a witty attraction in Prague where there’s always more there than what meets the eye. It’s full of exhibits that challenge and test the senses of its visitors. The museum is a unique adventure. It’s perfect for those visiting Prague as a family or for adults who want to dive back into their childhood imagination. There are plenty of creative stations, mirror rooms, and Vortex tunnels to explore at the Museum of Senses. 

The Dejvice Farmers Market

A great way to get a taste of local life in Prague is by visiting the Dejvice Farmers Market. It’s one of the largest farmers’ markets in the city and a staple for locals looking for seasonal goods and high-quality foods. Many Czech farmers and artisan vendors set up shop at the market every Saturday. Travelers can check out the market between March and December every year. 

Bone Church In Kutna Hora 

skeleton tour in Prague
Photo credit: Portuguese Gravity

One of Prague’s most fascinating structures is the Sedlec Ossuary also known as the Bone Church. This oddly unique chapel is located in Kutna Hora. Although normal on the outside, the church’s interior contains art constructed of bones from over 40,000 deceased humans. Don’t worry, the remains here belonged to individuals who desired their final resting place to be in this holy church. There’s a giant chandelier made of bones and an array of bone structures throughout the ossuary.