The History Of The Conch Festival Of Turks And Caicos
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Olivia Hutcherson

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Olivia Hutcherson

The History Of The Conch Festival Of Turks And Caicos

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Aug 11, 2023

Turks and Caicos turned their love of conch into an annual event. In 2004, the first Conch Festival took place in Blue Hills, a settlement in Providenciales. Since then, this special event continues to grow. Each November, people mingle and bond over their love of conch.

The Festival Brings Tourists and Locals Together

Food, like music, can help bridge communities. With this in mind, local restaurants and eateries come up with creative ways of serving conch.

In addition to conch stews, fritters, and salads, you’ll find empanadas and wontons stuffed with conch. At past festivals, Bay Bistro Restaurant and Hemingway’s Restaurant, both on Grace Bay, won awards for their conch specialties.

For Da Conch Shack on Blue Hills Beach, the commitment is all in the name. Here, you can enjoy curried conch with rice, coconut conch stew, and many other varieties.

Aside from good eats, the Conch Festival offers entertainment and activities for all ages. Previous festivals have been successful, so look out for information on what’s in store for November 2023.

Conch Is A National Symbol

There are many kinds of conch, but the Queen conch is in its own class. The Lucayans, the earliest inhabitants of Turks and Caicos, used it for numerous purposes.

When visiting this beautiful archipelago, you’ll find conch references everywhere. A conch shell appears on the island’s flag. Hotels and villas use it for decoration. There isn’t a single gift shop that doesn’t have them for sale.

However, if you want to export more than three conch shells, you’ll need a permit from the government.

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