Traveling with kids means hearing the question, “are we there yet?” The long ride can be a great time to bond and truly take in the sites. However, it’s easy for the youngest travelers to get bored. To combat that boredom, try a few road trip games geared toward kids and that are perfect for taking on the road. 

Whether you’re traveling for a few hours and want to keep toddlers occupied or the entire family is journeying across the country, these games have you covered. They’re entertaining, have educational value and are great for kids of all ages.

Regal Games Interstate Highway Bingo Set

Try this four-pack bingo card set that also has an educational aspect. The board pieces measure six inches long, making it perfect for little hands. This operates like a regular game of bingo. Instead of any small pieces or markers, kids use the slider window to make note of items they see during the road trip. They’ll be on the lookout for a rest area, sports car, horse and more. 

Etsy Personalized Travel Activity Book

Everyone loves a personalized gift that truly makes them feel special and kids are no different. For the traveling kid, this travel journal and coloring book is adorable and has 25 customizable pages. It’s created by a children’s speech therapist and once you specify your child’s age and three of their interests, a book is created for them. There’s coloring pages, mazes, doodles and more. That’s educational, but fun. Select one or two cover designs that include the kid’s name.

Ccinnoe Erasable Doodle Book

Instead of doodling on an expensive electronic tablet, bring along this book for children of all ages. The 8×8 book is waterproof material and includes 14 pages that kids can write or draw on. The real magic is the pages are reusable. After doodling with the included 12 watercolor pens, wipe the page clean with a damp cloth. Challenge kids to write a short story, poem or draw what they see.

What Do You Meme? The Road Trip Game

What Do You Meme? is known for their hilarious, sometimes raunchy card games. Try this road trip version that’s way more family friendly, but just as entertaining. It includes 200 cards, along with a carrying pouch that has trivia, challenges and dares. Points are awarded for answering questions. However, players also can lose points, if they draw a card that dares them to be the next person to pull up social media. This game can be played for hours.

Briarpatch I Spy Travel Card Game

This card game is based on the I Spy book series and is fun for kids ages four and up. The game is great for three or more players with each player receiving five cards and having to spot the items. That can include someone riding a bike, specific numbers or certain shapes. There are “hear it” and “smell it” cards that encourage kids to use all of their senses.

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