Caribbean-Owned Businesses In The US To Patronize This Caribbean Heritage Month
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Third and Wonder

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Third and Wonder

Caribbean-Owned Businesses In The US To Patronize This Caribbean Heritage Month

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Jun 2, 2023

There’s an overwhelming amount of events going on in June. Pride, Juneteenth, and Caribbean Heritage Month! There’s no better time to honor the contributions of Caribbean people to The United States. From politics to the culinary world, there isn’t a thread in the tapestry that the Caribbean community hasn’t touched.

According to the Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS), “the official campaign for a National Caribbean American Heritage Month began in 2004 when a legislative bill was tabled in Congress by Congresswoman Barbara Lee.” President George W. Bush made it official and signed it into law in June 2006.

Consider patronizing the following Caribbean-owned businesses in The United States.


The co-founder of Kokomo, Ria Graham, is of Trinidadian and Grenadian descent. She started the restaurant with her husband, Kevol. The intent is to make guests feel like they’re in the Caribbean, without hopping on a plane or boat.

“The Caribbean is so versatile, and over hundreds of years has formed its own beautiful melting pot of cultures from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas,” Graham told Forbes.

Located in Brooklyn, every inch of Kokomo was created with great thought. Even the lighting and the music contribute to the Caribbean-inspired ambiance. As for the food? We recommend everything. The oxtail is perfection, paired with seasonal vegetables and rice and peas. Of course, there’s a variety of seafood options like red snapper, rosemary curry shrimp, and crispy fish tacos. Don’t forget to leave space for tasty desserts like the rum raisin bread pudding.

If you plan to imbibe, have a seasonable cocktail or split a rum punch tower with a friend or partner.

Lakou Café

Another Caribbean business in Brooklyn is Lakou Café, where you can enjoy Haitian fusion food on-site or for takeout. There are options for vegans and vegetarians, and there’s a juice bar on site.

The café was founded by Cassandre Davilmar, who was interviewed by Travel Noire last year.

“Before I opened Lakou Cafe, there wasn’t a place in Weeksville with fresh food, vegan-friendly options, and beautiful décor,” Davilmar said. “I decided to open it there because I saw a need for a business that could provide a space for fellowship and fresh, made-to-order food. The café brings beauty and dignity to the neighborhood while introducing folks to Haitian culture.”

Villas and Apartments Abroad

If you’re looking for guidance in arranging that dream villa vacation to Barbados, Jamaica, and a number of other destinations around the world, reach out to this boutique travel agency.

Based in Manhattan, VAA is one of the oldest in the industry, and it takes pride in tailoring special itineraries for each client.

The president, Sylvia Delvaille Jones, was born in Jamaica and was a former stewardess for Air Jamaica. Thanks to her vision and excellent staff, this agency has earned the trust and confidence of travel agents and clients alike.

Eating Tree

Looking for a casual dining experience? Check out Eating Tree, formerly called Feeding Tree, in the South Bronx. It’s proudly Jamaican-owned.

You’ll be spoiled for choice here, for sure. There’s oxtail (make sure you get yours early), jerk chicken, and even some soul food items like mac and cheese. Look out for other popular Jamaican foods on sale like bun and cheese, hard dough bread, and Ting (grapefruit soda). There’s even a juice bar on site, serving up fresh fruit and vegetable beverages.

Coco Breeze

If you’re in Oakland, California, visit Coco Breeze Caribbean Restaurant and Bakery. The executive chef, Annabelle Goodridge, hails from Trinidad. Enjoy dishes from the island, like curry goat roti and pelau, and general Caribbean favorites like patties. Vegan and vegetarian options are also available.

According to Peralta Citizen, “Coco Breeze usually does most of its business on the weekends, specifically takeout and large orders for families who cater Goodridge’s delicious Caribbean foods. The walls are decked with photos of beaches in Trinidad, beautiful moments from the Indigenous festival Carnival, as well as flags and the country’s coat of arms.”

Savvy Bistro and Bar

Savvy Bistro and Bar is in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

The founders, who are of Guyanese and Haitian descent, wanted their business to reflect their Caribbean and American ancestry. While technically in South America, Guyana has close ties to the Caribbean.

The signature cocktails are perfect all year long, but especially in the summer. Hibiscus Mule has sorrel, lime, and vodka, while Coco Love consists of Wrey and Nephew rum, coconut cream, and pineapple.

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