Café Lola: Nevada’s Most Instagrammable Restaurant Is Black-Owned
Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Cafe Lola

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Cafe Lola

Café Lola: Nevada’s Most Instagrammable Restaurant Is Black-Owned

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Mar 2, 2021

Café Lola in Las Vegas is more than a cup of coffee or hot tea: it’s an experience.

Decked out in flowers, marble tables, pink chairs, and a photo-ready nook, it’s everything you imagined as a child when playing with your Barbies and Barbie Dream House, except this is real life.

Café Lola is known as the “Most Instagrammable Restaurant in Nevada,” and it’s women-owned, Black-owned, and Latina-owned.

Jerome Lin, Alexandra Lourdes, Co-founders, Cafe Lola

“When people walk through the doors, their eyes just light up just seeing all the florals on the wall, chandeliers, hearing the music, and seeing the pink chairs and the marble tables,” said co-founder, Lin Jerome. “It just really invokes this feeling inside of happiness.”

Jerome and her co-founder, Alexandra Lourdes, founded Cafe Lola because they felt there was something missing in the market.

“We noticed there was a big gap when it came to coffee shops targeted for the female market and most importantly, with the food,” said Lourdes. “There were packaged foods like pastries, croissants, but nothing was really healthy.”


Both Jerome and Lourdes, who started working in coffee shops after leaving their corporate jobs in 2015 to launch their interactive marketing company The Refined Agency, found themselves leaving the coffee shops because they couldn’t find anything healthy to eat. That’s what inspired them to start their own.

Three years later, this dynamic duo opened the first Café Lola location in Summerlin in 2018.

“The name ‘Lola’ is near and dear to each of us,” said Jerome. “My mother’s name is Lola. So, of course, for me, that was a no-brainer to have her name in the brand, and Alex’s beloved puppy, who, unfortunately, has since passed away, her name was Lola as well.  We each had a Lola in our lives that we loved more than anything [and] that we were obsessed with.”

You will find healthy options such as açai bowls, berry toast, avocado toast, salads, and more on the food menu. The drink menu features smoothies, a vanilla berry truffle latte, matcha tea, and of course, wine and champagne.


“We’re all about women empowerment,” said Lourdes. “We host a bunch of different women empowerment events all the time, and we want people to feel inspired when they come in. We also want people to feel this without it being pretentious or over the top.  We want people to feel like their home or an extension of your home.”

The two told Travel Noire that they have some upcoming projects they are working on despite COVID-19 putting a wrench in some of their plans. They’re hoping to expand Café Lola in the next few years and have locations nationwide.

Photo courtesy of Cafe Lola

Most recently, they launched a version of Café Lola called Lola XO that will focus on getting the café goodies out to people who are not in Nevada.

Café Lola currently has two physical locations: one in Henderson and the original location in Summerlin.

For more information, visit the Cafe Lola website.

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