Having a job that combines your profession with travel is the dream for some people. Being able to work completely remotely is another major win. When it comes to business travel, there’s an extra layer of preparation that might be required. You can probably nix a packing cube full of skimpy swimwear and replace it with a few work-appropriate pieces.

Besides the usual business attire and electronic accessories, there are a few other necessities that make working from the road much easier. From the best garment bag to a shawl to keep the chill away, if you’re in a cold conference room, check out this business trip packing checklist.

Garment Bag for Travel

To prevent your wardrobe attire from being a wrinkly mess, try a garment bag. However, instead of carrying a typical garment bag, try this option that’s a duffel bag as well. The faux leather material has a luxe look, even though it’s extremely affordable. Unzip the duffel and it folds flat to reveal a zippered, garment bag. Hanging your clothes this way cuts down on wrinkles and makes unpacking easier. There’s also a separate shoe compartment and pockets for organization. 

Newmowa Rechargeable Clip Light 

Portable lights aren’t just for content creators trying to snap the best Instagram-worthy photo. This clip-on light attaches to your laptop to give you an extra glow, even if you’re sitting in a dark room or taking Zoom calls from the airport lounge. The light is no bigger than the size of most phones and has 10 brightness levels. It comes with a removable clip so the light can attach to your laptop or tablet without damaging your electronics. 

NEWVANGA Universal Travel Adapter

For international travel, you might just need an electric power adapter. There would be nothing worse than bringing along all of your devices and not being able to charge them because the outlets aren’t compatible. This adapter is universal (more than 150 countries) and lightweight. It measures just three inches tall and will keep you connected and charged as you’re on the move. Also, there are convenient USB ports on the side. 

Manio 100% Cashmere Shawl

Conference rooms and meeting spaces tend to be pretty cold, so bring a stylish shawl that you can wrap up in. This one is a great white neutral so it’s super versatile with whatever you choose to wear. The 100 percent cashmere material is lightweight, but also warm. You can wear this as a part of your airport outfit to stay warm and comfortable on chilly flights. 

PETITE SIMONE 3 in 1 Computer Bag

Another bag option you might want to consider is a personal carry-on item that you can use on a daily basis for work. This convertible bag is a backpack, but the straps also fold in and it can be carried like a briefcase. This is the perfect, roomy interior to hold your laptop and other work essentials, especially if you’ll be on the go once you land. Carry this via the handles or the adjustable straps and the faux leather accents add a stylish touch. 

GURUN Adjustable Folding Mirror 

Hotel lighting is notoriously harsh, so make your makeup routine a bit easier with this portable light. Select between cool, natural, or warm lighting and you can adjust the brightness to your desired needs. You can even adjust the height and angle of the light. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery that has a seven-hour lifespan. This will surely make your get-ready routine much easier if you want to freshen up for client meetings or video chats. 

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