Paris is already exciting, but the city is about to be even more so as the Olympics draw near. Yet, as the world’s eyes turn to this grand event, many travelers worry about the costs of such a prestigious gathering. Still, with some major planning and savvy location hunting, it is possible to see the sights, taste the world-famous cuisine, and experience the thrill of the Olympics without getting into debt.

Locate a Reasonably Priced Place to Stay

Finding a place to stay in Paris that doesn’t cost a small fortune might seem daunting, especially during the Olympics. However, options abound for those willing to look beyond the usual.

Consider booking a bed in one of Paris’s many hostels. These accommodations offer a roof over your head and an opportunity to meet fellow travelers. Budget hotels and Airbnb rentals, particularly those a bit further from the city center, can also offer more bang for your buck. Staying in these less touristy locales lets you discover the authentic Parisian way of life, often complete with more affordable dining options and a chance to mingle with the locals.

Paris is a foodie’s dream, and you can savor its mouthwatering meals without a hefty price tag. Bakeries, or boulangeries, are your best friend for grabbing a delicious and inexpensive breakfast or lunch on the go. Street food stalls and small eateries in less tourist-centric areas offer a taste of genuine French cuisine without the upscale restaurant bills.

Another quintessentially Parisian experience is to pick up fresh cheese, bread, fruits, and wine from a local market and have a picnic in one of the city’s beautiful parks. This not only saves money but also treats you to the simple pleasure of dining outside in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Use Paris’ Public Transport Wisely

There’s no need to go broke when it comes to getting around Paris during the Olympics. The city’s extensive public transportation network, including buses, trams, and the Métro, is convenient and budget-friendly. Consider purchasing a day or week pass for unlimited travel to maximize your budget. This option is significantly cheaper than buying individual ride tickets and allows you to explore the city at your own pace.

For those who prefer a more active approach, renting a bike or using the city’s bike-sharing service offers a fun and affordable way to see the sights. Don’t forget, many of Paris’s most iconic attractions are within walking distance of each other, so you can enjoy much of what the city has to offer without spending a dime on transport.

Do not Overspend on Event Tickets

Experiencing the Olympic spirit in Paris doesn’t necessarily mean splurging on event tickets. The city will host several fan zones where you can catch live broadcasts of the games for free. These areas are also great for soaking up the festive atmosphere and meeting other sports enthusiasts.

Local bars and pubs often also show the games, providing a lively and budget-friendly viewing option. Engaging with the community in this way allows you to experience the excitement of the Olympics while also enjoying the local Parisian culture.

Explore Paris’s Free and Affordable Attractions

Aside from the Olympics, Paris has several attractions that are reasonably affordable. Many of the city’s museums offer free admission on the first Sunday of the month, including the Musée d’Orsay and the Louvre (for under-26s from the EU). City parks, such as the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont or the Luxembourg Gardens, are also ways to explore Paris while keeping it budget-friendly.  Strolling through the historic streets of Montmartre or along the banks of the Seine offers a glimpse into the heart and soul of Paris, free of charge.