The glitz and glamour of Parisian culture surely do not disappoint. Whether it’s eating a luxury breakfast at the Café de Flore or touring the Louvre shortly after brunch, Paris is full of fantasy, romance, and healthy escapism. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be sitting at a cafe around 10 am with a full view of the city’s ambiance enjoying Michelin-star cuisine?

Paris is truly a once-in-a-lifetime trip that every traveler should experience at some point in their lives. No matter if you’re traveling solo, with family, or with a group of friends, this spectacular city is a must on your bucket list. So without further ado, get ready to grab your beret and Mastercard as we’ve gathered all of the best neighborhoods and places to stay for the ultimate Parisian experience.

Where To Stay In Paris As A Family

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If you’re planning a trip to Paris with a family, the 8th Arrondissement is the best place to stay. Many local Parisian families reside in this area, so you’ll definitely be able to make friends and plan family gatherings together. This neighborhood is also a convenient option for traveling. The metro line 1 cuts through the center of the city and can take you to all of the prime spots such as museums, cafes, and child-friendly destinations like the Parc Monceau. It’s also important to note that Parisian streets are designed to accommodate foot traffic, so walking around is definitely a must for getting your money’s worth.

Best Hotels:

Hôtel Le Marianne – Champs Elysées – Paris 7e

The Hôtel Le Marianne is a great option for staying with a family, as it’s surrounded by walkable local destinations boutiques, and amazing restaurants.

Best Western Premier Opéra Opal

The Best Western Premier Opéra Opal has a 4.7 rating and is excellent for visitors with families. This posh hotel is located near the Avenue des Champs Elysées and the Grand Palais art museum.

Where To Stay In Paris With Friends or a Partner

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The 10th Arrondissement is a prime neighborhood to stay in Paris with friends as it’s surrounded by a plethora of great nightlife and fun places to visit. Canal Saint-Martin has become one of the city’s youngest, liveliest areas, making the neighborhood a must for those wishing for a Parisian night on the town with friends. The area is a great spot for having a picnic along the canal, sitting outside of local cafes like Chez Prune, and venturing to trendy nightlife spots such as the Gravity Bar. This area is great for sparking up a romance with a partner or even meeting a new beau if traveling with friends.

Best Hotels:

Hôtel de NELL

Hôtel de NELL is a great spot for staying in Paris with friends or a partner. This five-star hotel is located 5 minutes from the Grands Boulevards metro station, 1.9 km from the Sacré-Coeur Basilica, and 2.1 km from the Louvre.

The Hoxton, Paris

The Hoxton is a super trendy hotel that’s located near the Grand Rex art deco museum, lively nightlife, and prime textile wholesalers.

Where To Stay in Paris Solo

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If you’re planning to go to Paris solo, just know that you’re in for a treat. Whether it’s romance, fine dining, or experiencing high-end shopping sprees, traveling to this dreamy city alone is a great way to meet new people and enjoy the city wholeheartedly. The 6th arrondissement is a great place to rent cost-friendly apartments, allowing you to get the full experience of what it’s like to live like a true Parisian. The area is near local bookstores, farmers’ markets, fine dining, and trendy nightlife, giving you the best of both worlds as a solo traveler.

Best Apartments Rental Sites:

Paris Perfect Rentals

Paris Perfect Rentals provides all of the best solo apartment rentals to stay in Paris, giving you a wide variety of options to choose from that are all located near some of the best Paris landmarks.


Vrbo’s apartment rentals are the perfect option for solo travelers. It provides guests with a wide range of amenities, prime trip locations, and other options for solo travelers to have an enjoyable trip.

Where To Stay In Paris For Fashion

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The fashion scene in Paris remains one of the most fantastic aspects of visiting and living in this glamorous city. Every day, Parisian visitors are graced with a high-end, luxury street style that’s hard to miss when going out places. If you want to get the full scope of Parisian style when traveling there, try staying in the 1st arrondissement, as the prime fashion neighborhood is guaranteed to make you style-obsessed. From window shopping Chanel to visiting Goyard, this area is one you’ll never forget within the scope of fashion and trendy lifestyle.

Best hotels:

Hotel Costes

Hotel Costes is a wonderful place to stay to embark on your daily dose of fashion. International celebs often dine at the Courtyard restaurant and the rooms range in size from petit to full suites.

Hotel Duminy Vendome

Hotel Duminy Vendome puts you in a great location that’s near high-end shopping, luxury lounges, and nearby public transportation.