Break-Up Vacation? TikToker Goes Viral With Her Break-Up Getaway
Photo Credit: Nappy Stock,

Photo Credit: Nappy Stock,

Break-Up Vacation? TikToker Goes Viral With Her Break-Up Getaway

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Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Oct 4, 2022

A ‘couples’ vacation like you’ve never seen it. This TikToker shared her break-up getaway and it has intrigued many. In a viral TikTok video that has more than 5 million views, Piper (@tovahparpar) shared some details of her weekend getaway. The getaway was with her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend.

In what seems to be a bid to end the relationship on a good, compassionate note, the weekend escape was captured as the two are found holding hands in bed, overlooking a view.

With 5.4 million views, 633K likes and over 4,100 comments, the video has divided opinions. Here is a look at the break-up getaway grabbing TikTok’s attention.

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How it went down:

Piper captions the video “It won’t hurt this bad forever, right?”. Alongside the video of the two holding hands, she writes ” Me and my boyfriend are breaking up in 2 weeks. We went on a beautiful breakup weekend getaway. We cuddled in this spot for 4 hours reminiscing. We talked about all of our fears, our plans for healing, and what we hope for our futures. It was heartbreaking and healing all at once.”

Viral reactions:

Reactions have been split, ranging from encouragement to shock. One user, Courtney Bowden, wrote “sometimes a breakup isn’t a crisis, sometimes it’s 2 people who love each other realising there is a non-negotiable that means they aren’t their 4ever”.

Some simply didn’t understand: “That would be the worst 2 weeks of my life. Just prolonging the pain”.

The comment section buzzed with words like “closure” and “maturity” being used rampantly. Many simply questioned “why?” while others shared their past experiences. Either way, it seems no easy way to spend a vacay.

Anna, another user, agreed with the sentiment, adding: “we did this – it made us realize how much we love each other so we ended up not breaking up at the end lol”.

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