Boaz Bikes: The Black-Owned E-Scooters You Can Rent To Explore Detroit
Photo Credit: Boaz Bikes

Photo Credit: Boaz Bikes

Boaz Bikes: The Black-Owned E-Scooters You Can Rent To Explore Detroit

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Oct 15, 2021

There’s a Black-owned e-scooter that you can rent to explore Detroit, Boaz Bikes. Founded by Emil Nnani, the company was inspired by the need for a safer ride-share option after the founder witnessed a scooter accident firsthand.

“Watching that accident really changed me,” Nnani said in a press release. “I knew I could create something better.”

Boaz Bikes come with bigger tires than other e-scooter companies, side mirrors, turn signals, a seat to lower the rider’s center of gravity, and larger foot decks so users can ride more comfortably. The team says these features contribute to an average of only three accidents per 100,000 rides for Boaz Bikes, versus an average of 19 accidents per 100,000 rides for stand-up scooters

Other convenient features include baskets and industrial kickstands to prevent the e-scooter from tipping when parked.

Renting the e-scooters is a fairly easy process. The first thing users need to do is download the app. There are no docking stations, but once you’re in the app you can find the bike nearest you. You unlock your ride by scanning the QR code once you rent time, and then you’re ready to cruise with a complimentary helmet.

When Boaz Bikes first launched in Motor City, the team saw potential after as they noticed public transportation wasn’t serving many underserved communities.

“The potential of this city and its communities hasn’t yet been fully realized. The culture and activities are second to none,” said Shauna Armitage, Boaz Bike’s chief marketing officer. “When we launched, the city was really open to new micro-mobility solutions, so Detroit was a no-brainer for us.”

Boaz Bikes presently operates out of Detroit, averaging 300 to 400 rides a day with more than 50,000 total rides.

The team is looking to expand to Dallas next, based on a statement on their website which reads, “Dallas, you’re next.” According to TP Insights, Boaz Bikes can also be found in Austin, Texas and there are plans to expand to Los Angeles and Chicago.

To learn more about Boaz Bikes and how to navigate the app, visit

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