A blind couple and their baby were refused boarding planes in Greece unless they paid for an escort. Eythor Kamban Thrastarson and Emilia Pykarinou were traveling with their one-year-old daughter and hoped to go from Greece to Iceland with Scandinavian Airlines. Once arriving at the gate they were denied boarding on two separate occasions.

Iceland Review notes that staff from the airline refused to let them board without an escort, which would involve buying another seat. After trying for a second time a few days later, the blind couple were denied once again. Staff refused them for the same reason.

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Here's what we know:

The family eventually returned home a week later than scheduled on December 9. The couple stated that they were only able to board because another passenger acted as their escort.

In a recent interview with RÚV, Thrastarson pointed out that Scandinavian Airlines allows children as young as five to travel un-escorted on its flights and said his family should not be treated any differently.

The couple said that they were confident travelers  and happy to fly without escorts. More, as parents, the couple said that they’re very capable of tending to their child without an escort.

Eythór told Icelandic broadcaster RUV that “this is by no means over.” The couple confirmed that they intend to take legal action against Scandinavian Airlines and they’re supported by the Icelandic Association of the Visually Impaired and the Icelandic Consul in Greece.