Leave it to Black women to create the ultimate glamping experience.

When Jodi C. told her business partners, Serena and Simone, about her idea, everyone was immediately on board. Together, the trio created Destinations Glamping: a luxury glamping experience that will allow visitors to take in the best of Anguilla.

From fine dining, setting up a picnic, or relaxing on powder white sandy beach, guests will be treated like royalty on the gorgeous world-renowned beaches or our famous private island, Sandy Island. 

In an interview with Travel Noire, the founders of Destinations Glamping revealed the inspiration behind the name and what to expect during your stay:

Travel Noire:  What was the inspiration behind Destination Glamping?

Destinations Glamping: We wanted to create an experience in Anguilla that had never been done before. We found that we have never done anything where you could just go to a private island for just an overnight experience of glamorous camping and thought, “this would be really cool.”

We started to test the waters to see how many people would enjoy something like this, how many people could afford something like this, and the response was good.

We started to invest in everything we needed to make it work and we partnered with Sandy Island, a tiny island of Anguilla.

Instagram | @destinationsglamping

Travel Noire: What can people expect at your glamping site?

Destinations Glamping: First, people can expect to come over on a private charter boat.  Guests will be welcomed by a dedicated staff that’s going to be with them all night and all day, based on the package that they choose.

They can expect all you can eat dining, including lobsters, a really great island experience, beautiful layouts décor,  and some of the similar amenities that they get from staying at a luxury resort except is underneath the stars on a private island.

There are some add-ons like someone picking you up on a boat to take you on a tour around,  private massage therapists that come over to the island massage during the sunset, and an area set up where people can dine right by the waterside, and so much more.

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Travel Noire: What’s next for you all?

We want to expand destinations that’s why we called it destinations with an “s.” gone here that’s why we kind of set it out. While we’re starting in Anguilla, we want to expand to other islands, including St. Barts and St. Maarten.

Instagram | @destinationsglamping

Reservations for Destinations Glamping begin on Feb. 7, 2020. Book your getaway here.