Black Women Meditate: Inside Amsterdam’s Newest Black-Owned Meditation Studio
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Black Women Meditate: Inside Amsterdam’s Newest Black-Owned Meditation Studio

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Jan 17, 2020

As a Black woman, Marilyn Grando said that she often found herself on the short end of the stick in society. As she pondered on how to deal with microaggressions and inequalities in the workplace,  she found that meditation was the best way to cope. Through this realization, the concept of Black Women Meditate was born. 

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“After a retreat, I kept on meditating 2 hours per day or more,” she said. “I started when I got up to go to work and did it when I came home and sure enough, the trauma lessened.”

Black Women Meditate has a mission to spread the benefits of meditation, specifically to Black women, who she says are in need of support and empowerment.

Photo courtesy of Black Women Meditate

“In this day and age and the state society is in, as Black Women, we cannot NOT learn how to meditate,” Grando said. “Even more so than others, Black Women need meditation skills to be able to navigate through everyday life, microaggressions, struggles. and personal and work stress.”

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Black Women Meditate is not about “emptying the mind but rather learning to rid ourselves of anxiety and daily stress,” said Grando.

And while everyone is welcome, she highlights the fact that her meditation classes provide a safe space for Black women to meditate and reflect.

In her guided sessions, participants can expect to learn more about awareness and breathing meditation.

Photo courtesy of Black Women Meditate

In addition to having a sharper and clearer mind, an improved sleep pattern, and controlling anxiety,  Grando says her classes will help you to be less affected by negativity and will enhance self-awareness.

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