Luxury should not be exclusive to one group of people. Black travelers deserve unique and personalized experiences in luxury travel. One Black woman-owned luxury travel agency is showing travelers exactly why Black luxury travel is important

Claire Soares, the founder and CEO of Up In The Air Life, is not just a travel enthusiast. She’s a visionary who has redefined the luxury travel experience for Black adventurers. Her commitment to creating extraordinary journeys for her clients has earned her well-deserved recognition in the travel industry. She curates meet-ups, trips and events for Black travelers looking for cultural inspiration, authentic connections and personal growth.

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A Trailblazer in Black Luxury Travel

Soares’ passion for travel and business is clear from her extensive personal explorations. Her influence also extends beyond accolades. She is one of the six most influential Black women in the travel industry and a Top Black Travel Leader on Airbnb’s inaugural list.

With over six continents and 64 countries on her passport, Soares embodies Up In The Air’s ethos. Travel is not just a pastime, but a transformative journey. Her love of the history and culture of South Africa sparked her desire to share those experiences with travelers of color. Travelers get to immerse themselves in Afro-culture and history in different parts of the world that are not often highlighted in traditional group travel experiences. Every trip includes planned visits to Michelin-starred restaurants and highly sought-after sommeliers to indulge in every cuisine available in the local region.

More Than Your Average Travel Agency

Up In The Air is a movement to empower Black travelers to explore the world on their own terms. The company recognizes that luxury travel is often a white-dominated space. Soares seeks to change that narrative, so everyone finds belonging.

Up In The Air has options ranging from exclusive five-star hotel stays to private yacht excursions and fine dining. Planned itineraries include Dubai, Colombia, Australia, Bali, Sri Lanka, the Maldives and more.

Travelers can start by scheduling a call with Soares to discuss personal travel dreams. Afterward, they can choose a custom-curated trip based on travel goals and preferences. Finally, sit back and enjoy the trip. For a truly stress-free experience, every luxury trip has an experienced American guide and a dedicated customer service team.

How Luxury Travel Elevates The Black Community

The diverse tight-knit community of Up In The Air members, known as Lifers, is all about fostering cultural connections. As like-minded individuals with unbridled wanderlust, members create lasting bonds that extend beyond the trip. Traveling with Up In The Air means not visiting more than just another destination. It’s about fully immersing in a country’s culture, history, traditions and local communities. The heart of Black luxury travel is about elevating the self through empowering experiences. Representation matters because it shatters stereotypes. Black travelers deserve to take up space and love themselves in those spaces.  

Up In The Air Life stands out as a vibrant thread weaving dreams, experiences and connections that elevate vacations and change lives. With at least a third of their clients booking their next trip within the year. Soares and her amazing team are transforming how Black travelers explore the world with style, sophistication and some of the finest experiences you’ll find with this Black woman-owned luxury travel agency.