Considering a getaway trip to the sandy dunes and intricately carved decadence of the Middle East? Perhaps the must-see attractions of some of the oldest displays of early civilization paired with star-lit Arabian nights is a dream you’re more than ready to experience?

These Black travelers will prepare you to book the flight sooner than you intended.


Lebanon never looked so appealing thanks to Malikah Kelly, an Expat and traveler showcasing the unmistakeable beauty of the country. While content on being Black in Lebanon is seemingly slim, Malikah uses her Instagram and YouTube to show off the best of the country’s nightlife, natural beauty and day-to-day life, such as this dreamy floating lunch spot. From the bustling streets of Beirut to the peaceful pastures of the mountains, Malikah’s wanderings inspire curiosity.


Turkey is a popular destination in the Middle East largely because of its wide-ranging variety in activities, landscapes, kaleidoscopic views and an endless list of other exciting considerations. As a female solo-traveler, Janell’s documentation of the country— particularly the magical Cappadocia region— and of her experience, evokes the wanderlust needed to start 2022 right.


If Qatar isn’t already on your travel list, then allow world-traveler and travel blogger Tanisha to change your mind. Qatar, an expansive and traditional country surrounded by the Arabian Gulf, is an ideal location for the adventure-minded. With endless opportunities for camel-riding, sand-boarding and dune-bashing, it certainly won’t disappoint, just ask Tanisha.


Ever the adventure seeker, Karl Ndieli might have single-handedly reminded us why Oman deserves a top place on the travel list. This travel storyteller presents a version of Oman that surpasses all expectations, not only for the sheer elegance of the travel photography of the country, but also for the balance between excitement and overwhelming glamour that characterizes the region.


Looking for Egyptian content that goes beyond pyramids and pristine sand dunes? Blogger and Travel muse Danye has wandered beyond the well-trodden travel paths and offered a fresh perspective of the country. Expect to find posts about the country’s hidden historical gems including content from Alexandria, Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and The Nile.


Jordan is a treasured and well-known stop for wanderers looking to indulge in the grandeur of the Middle East’s natural beauty. Clé Hunnigan offers something special in his storytelling about his time in the country known for hosting a Wonder of the World in Petra. In his combination of soft visuals and unbelievable travel encounters, Clé convinces that Jordan, in all of its effortless magic, is not a trip to be skipped.

United Arab Emirates

As an avid traveler, Natalie D. knows exactly how to make the most of seeing the world. Her travel content makes it easy to guess why the richly diverse country is highly praised by many travelers. If you’re keen to enjoy a trip where luxury meets palm-tree paradise meets some of the best city views in the world, then look no further than the United Arab Emirates.

Saudi Arabia

Curious about Saudi Arabian Black history and what the richly spiritual country has to offer? Documenting life in Saudi Arabia and other regions in the Middle East, this YouTuber— visualpoet1— makes it easy to see the joy in community building while traveling in the country. From delicately exploring the oldest Black neighborhood in Riyadh to chilling with the Yogis and Hipsters of the country, he brings light to a view of the country that many a Black traveler can appreciate.