Ever wonder who is behind all of the photos you see from people’s travels? Or even the people who photograph for travel magazines and travel outlets?

Well, there are some young Black photographers behind the lens’ of some of our favorite photos. These are some of the best photographers and once you click that follow button you will understand exactly why.

Rick Southers – @Rick_ontherun

Rick is a freelance photographer and filmmaker by way of Pittsburg, PA. Over the last 5 years, Rick has made a name for himself as a virtual storyteller, using his photos while traveling as a way to tell a story. Expect to see detailed drone videos and amazing landscaping.


Bria Celest – @queenofvacay @celestimages

Based out of Los Angeles, Bria is an full-time photographer, world traveler and foodie. Known for her travel photography and finding amazing travel deals, Bria has recently decided to become a full-time freelance photographer. You will want to join Bria on her various adventures around the world and join her in the kitchen.


Esston Benjamin – @Esstheory

Esston, based out of New York City, started out as an editorial photographer. That quickly changed as he started to join travel groups as their photographer. Capturing all of the authentic moments that occur during a group trip is Esston’s speciality. He has provided many profile pictures, framed photos and even recap photos on Instagram alone.

Photo by Esston

Nigel D – @NigelDpresents

Get ready for some travel fomo and inspiration when you press the follow button on Nigel D’s profile. This world traveler has been to 36 countries and counting, through his journey he has taken everyone along for the ride. His videos, shot from land and sea, have been shared all over the internet serving as inspiration. Nigel takes you through an in-depth vision from each destination behind his camera lens.


Travis – @Trav.mov

Ever seen a video that made you feel like you were there? Travis has mastered the art of travel cinematography. Bringing you to each location, both domestic and international via video.


Dan – @UrbanDan

Dan has a story to tell and has found a way to bring his story to life. Dan is an influencer , photographer and videographer who has made his Instagram feed as must follow. He engages his followers through various pictures, videos and even content based around bucket list destinations.