As people of color living in America, it can sometimes be difficult to find a tribe to call your own. Some people go their entire lives without finding a community of friends they can bond and grow with. When you’re an avid traveler and world explorer, it can be even harder to locate a community designed just for you. 

Over the past decade, Black travel clubs have emerged around the world, creating a safe space for African-American travelers to connect, refresh, and unwind in destinations near and far. While some stick to domestic travel, others take groups of travelers across the globe to exotic lands beyond their wildest dreams. No matter where they decide to venture off to, Black travel groups are opening opportunities for community and growth for travelers seeking companionship and fellowship when exploring the world. 

Black travelers are a major part of the travel industry. Each year, Black travelers spend $130 billion globally, sending a steady stream of revenue into the tourism industry for everything from hotels to transportation. Their spending power has made them a force to be reckoned with, and many travel brands have begun intentionally marketing and catering to Black travelers hoping to gain their buy-in and loyalty. However, with so many options and opportunities, it can sometimes be difficult for travelers to navigate the industry, find the best deals, connect with like-minded people, and gain access to luxury travel amenities and accommodations. 

Black travel groups
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This is where Black travel groups come into play. Not only have they become a great way to find community, but a lot of groups also offer travel advisory and concierge services to aid Black travelers in preparing for upcoming trips with efficiency and ease. Some Black travel groups that help plan trips are the Roaming Republic, the Wind Collective, and the Black Travel Club. These groups specialize in not only bringing Black travelers together but also curating custom trips and itineraries for group members to indulge in when traveling. 

If a community is truly what you seek, Black travel clubs offer a variety of interests and niche-based groups that cater to more specific needs. Travel clubs like Black Girls Travel Too cater specifically to women of color and curate group trip experiences that encourage exploration, sisterhood, and soul revitalization. For those who like to wander but don’t want to do it alone, the Nomadness Travel Tribe provides the perfect balance of community and opportunity. An award-winning travel group, Nomadness has a huge network of Black travelers, with their members accounting for $50 million spent annually in the mainstream travel industry. 

You’ll be surprised how specific you can get when searching for a Black travel club to fit your needs. There are groups for Black Muslim women like the Traveling Muslimahs, groups just for Black men, and even travel clubs that focus on travelers looking for excursions for the whole family.

Knowing that representation matters, Black travel clubs have emerged as powerful assets to the tourism industry, catering directly to the needs of Black travelers internationally. Bringing more flavor and culture to the industry, these travel clubs are a necessity as more Black travelers seek out others who understand their unique experience as people of color and want to join them as they navigate traveling the world.

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