Millions of people from around the world want to book a one-way ticket to Wakanda thanks to the success of Marvel’s hit Black Panther, but while you can’t really pay a visit to the futuristic land, we’ll tell you where the crew behind the film did go to create the fictional, utopian African nation.

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Atlanta, Georgia

Most of Black Panther was filmed in Atlanta, which reportedly reaped nearly $90 million for Georgia’s economy. Pinewood Studios, which has been a filming location for many Marvel films for a decade, housed most of the major sets, and filming also took place at the new soundstages of Tyler Perry Studios. After the film was released Perry took to social media to share that Black Panther was the first movie to be filmed on his new soundstages. Other Atlanta filming locations include the High Museum of Art and Atlanta’s City Hall.

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Busan, South Korea

Last spring, the Black Panther crew headed to Busan, South Korea to film the movie’s epic car chase scene. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Busan is located near Gwangali Beach and the shoot required 150 cars and more than 700 people. Busan’s Gwangan Diamond Bridge and Jagalchi Market were among the locations featured in the film, and director Ryan Coogler praised the city, telling The Hollywood Reporter that Busan reminded him of the Bay-area, where he grew up.


Though most of Black Panther is set in a fictional African country, very little of the film was filmed on the continent. U.K.-based Marzano Films headed to South Africa, Zambia and Uganda for many of the aerial shots that are used throughout the movie, while the Warrior Falls footage was shot in Argentina. As for the scenes where T’Challa and Nakia stroll through the bustling streets of Wakanda? Unfortunately for us all, those were created with the help of sets and computers. For now, if you want to go to Wakanda, you’ll just have to go to the movies.