Over the last two years, Toronto, Canada-based personal trainer Mario Rigby has traveled throughout the continent of Africa, and he did it all by foot or kayak.

Mario set out on his journey in November 2015, beginning a more than 7,000-mile trek in Cape Town, South Africa. From South Africa, he went to Malawi, where he continued on a kayak to Tanzania along Lake Malawi. Other stops on his odyssey included Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Northern Sudan, with the trip ending in Egypt.

“I really want to go there and experience my heritage,” he told to a Toronto news station before he set out on his solo journey two years ago. “And I think just walking first hand with Africans through villages, through cities, I’m going to meet poor and I’m going to meet rich.”

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Mario took to Facebook to tell his followers about his monumental accomplishment on January 24.

He also documented the end of his quest with a picture in Egypt.

I have completed my walk from Cape Town to Cairo entirely by foot/kayak. This rigorous 2 year and 11,500 km expedition proved to be the most challenging and yet rewarding things I have ever experienced. I have met tribes that date back thousands of years, I was welcomed into villages, nearly drowned twice along the South African coast, got shot at by rebel forces in Mozambique and decided to kayak across the 4th largest lake in Africa never having kayaked prior to it. These experiences has brought in me exponential growth. I am now a speaker, a leader and a man I visioned a man to be when I was a child. I love more, hate none and see all things from apposing views. Our world is ours because we are a part of it, as an infant cannot discern between itself and its environment. I feel as this infant, reconnected to our universe. Please stay tuned to this page as I plan to undertake projects that directly impact the very impact destroying our relationship between earth and humanity, renewable and sustainable energy is something I’m working. Thank you and much love for all the people who have stood by my side, supported me, believed in me and the people who don’t even know that they have impacted my life in this direction. Ngiyabonga | Dankie | Obrigado | Asante | አመሰግናለሁ | شكرا | Thank you

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Congratulations, Mario! Visit Mario’s website here to learn more about his historic accomplishment.

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