How to Spend 48 hours Dining in Black-owned Tallahassee
Photo Credit: Photo by Jackie Parker

Photo Credit: Photo by Jackie Parker

How to Spend 48 hours Dining in Black-owned Tallahassee

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Feb 27, 2023

It’s good to support Black-owned businesses, especially during Black History Month. This time, we’re focusing on Black-owned eateries in Tallahassee.

Yes, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando tend to get the most attention, but Tallahassee has a lot to offer as well. Florida’s capital offers plenty for adventure seekers, shopaholics and history lovers. If you’re interested in gastronomy, this city has a broad selection of Black-owned eateries and offers everything from seafood to infused vegan fare.

Enjoy meals, snacks and drinks at these Black-owned restaurants in Tallahassee.

Day One in Tallahassee

Earley’s Kitchen — A Tallahassee Morning or Afternoon Staple

This restaurant has been a Tallahassee staple for thirty years and counting.

The owner, James Morrell, and his staff bring Southern-style cooking to the Sunshine State by using the freshest ingredients available. Pancakes, grits and other delicacies are available for the first meal of the day, along with coffee, tea and more.

If you’re looking for a heavier meal, Earley’s brings that out at lunchtime. According to the website, options vary from day to day, and they’re all equally mouth-watering. Smothered hamburgers, pork chops, Creole jambalaya are just a few of the top entrees available. They also have an impressive amount of sides, including rice, collard greens and more.

Visit their Instagram page to find out more information.

Pineappétit — Tallahassee’s Afternoon Delight

You’ve done some biking and meandering, and now it’s time to eat again. Pineappétit is the brainchild of Chef Sam Burgess. There’s a food truck and a brick-and-mortar location.

Here, the presentation is everything. You can chow down on delicious steak, chicken and lobster tail served inside half a pineapple. Top it with lemon pepper dry rub, teriyaki, or one of the many other sauces and seasonings. Need something with more substance? Try the rasta pasta, gourmet wings, or a selection of Caribbean-style patties. Catering services are available, and Chef Burgess himself can be hired to cook for private events.

Visit their Instagram page to find out more information.

Big Easy Snowballs — Afternoon or Evening

Remember enjoying a snow cone from the ice cream truck as kids? Now, imagine those with soft-serve ice cream inside. If this sounds delicious, head over to Big Easy Snowballs on North Monroe Street.

Choose from a selection of 150 flavors, some of which are sugar-free. Some of the flavors include blue cotton candy, key lime pie, root beer and Granny Smith apple.

If you’re vegan, there’s a good selection for you, too. The Dinosaur Egg, Amaretto Sour and Mai Tai snowballs consist of ice and syrup only.

Check out the full list of flavors on their website, and visit their Instagram page to find out more information.

Day Two in Tallahassee

Strike Nutrition — Morning

Rise and shine! Why not start your day with protein donuts and a shake?

Strike Nutrition strives to offer healthy food and drink without boredom. The peach cobbler and sweet potato shakes may taste like they are loaded with calories, but they only have about 250 each, according to Black Restaurant Week. The company serves refreshing, colorful teas that sometimes have themes and always look too pretty to drink.

As part of its effort to encourage physical activity, Strike Nutrition sometimes hosts workouts on the grounds and tasty recovery shakes are available for purchase afterward.

Visit their Instagram page to find out more information.

Hemplade Vegan Cafe — Afternoon

Whoever says vegan food can’t be tasty hasn’t been to the right restaurant.

Hemplade is not only a restaurant, but also a juice bar and a dispensary. You can enjoy vegan versions of fried fish, burgers and a Floridian take on the Philly cheesesteak. Chow down on the Hempy Green Fried Shrimp Salad, Fried Oyster Wings and the Burnie Mac BBQ Jackfruit.

Beverages include the Hemplade Lime Tea, which is great for reducing inflammation, Ying-Yang Tonic and Dandelicious. For smoothies, try the OG Tropical, SMS or Gorilla Glue varieties. If you want to add an extra bit of fun to your culinary experience, infuse any meal or side.

Visit their Instagram page to find out more information.

Halisi Afro-Fusion Cafe — Evening

Enjoy a taste of Motherland, specifically the food of Ethiopia, Kenya, and northern African countries.

Aside from injera and shero, Halisi Afro-Fusion Cafe offers Sankofa bowls. With cold drinks, like Baobab (a fruit tea with ginger and fresh mint), Bissap from Ghana and South African Tropical Fusion, you can wash down the delicious meal.

Check out the Instagram page, if you are not fully convinced.

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