Every year, more and more people of color move abroad to European countries. The children of the African Diaspora are spreading their wings and making a major impact on European culture. The next time you visit Europe, consider checking out one of these Black-owned shops selling delicious treats and handmade goodies, and serving up Black culture on international land. 

Colourful Goodies – Amsterdam, Netherlands

black-owned shops
Photo credit: @colourfulgoodies / Instagram

The first and only Black-owned Black doll gift shop in Europe, Colourful Goodies is the brainchild of Ellen Brudget. Her mother was born in the Netherlands and her father was Caribbean. Growing up her mother was unable to find dolls that represented her brown skin. As an adult, she opened Colourful Goodies, dolls of color for other little girls growing up in the Netherlands. The store opened in Amsterdam in 2016 after Brudget spent years selling her unique dolls at the local market. Her dolls represent all types of girls of color including albino dolls and special needs. 

Round Table Books – London, England

Round Table Books is a London bookstore that specializes in books featuring minority characters. The store originally began as a local pop-up shop. However, the owners opened their store once they realized less than one percent of children’s books in the UK contained characters of color. Round Table Books put the “r” in representation. The award-winning bookstore opened its doors in 2019 and continues creating spaces for Black readers in London. 

House Château Rouge – Paris, France

black-owned shops
Photo credit: @maisonchateaurouge/Instagram

Located in one of the most famous districts in Paris, Maison Château Rouge is a Black-owned fashion house. Its designs are uniquely inspired by Africa. The colorful patterns and shapes have been seamlessly merged into high-fashion luxury in all of their pieces. House Château Rouge embodies several cultures and its team of designers uses each item of clothing to tell a story. Travelers can visit the House Château Rouge on a trip to Paris to experience the French boutique. 

Benny Barbers – Charlottenburg, Germany

For those looking to get an American-style cut and fade in Germany, look no further than Benny Barbers. Owner Benny is the son of a GI who split his time between the US and Germany as a child. Today, Benny is serving up the freshest fades in Charlottenburg. Travelers can also find a plethora of products from Benny’s in-house collection to tame and groom their hair and beards while visiting Germany. 

Brus Ceramics – Lisbon, Portugal

black-owned shops
Photo credit: @brus_pt / Instagram

Brus Ceramics is a super cute pottery shop located in Lisbon. The Black-owned establishment sells beautiful handcrafted ceramics including planters, mugs, plates, and more. The store has a modern chic design that is warm, welcoming, and comfortable. There are not many Black-owned ceramic shops in Portugal. However, the merchandise here are perfect souvenirs to bring back to family and friends in the States. 

AfroZone – Reykjavík, Iceland

If you’re visiting Iceland and looking for tropical treats and produce, AfroZone is the place to go. The shop is small. However, it is mighty in providing Icelanders with access to tropical produce and goods indigenous to Caribbean and African countries. The owner travels frequently and brings back delicious treats from all over the world that usually can’t be found in the world’s most peaceful country.