You may not think Montgomery has an abundance of delicious, diverse restaurants to explore in the heart of Alabama. However, the city has gained momentum as a hotspot for some of the best food in the South. From barbecue and soul food to vegan bites and small plates, here are 10 Black-owned restaurants to try in Montgomery.

Plant Bae

Down in Montgomery, Plant Bae is pushing the limits of vegan cuisine. You can find all your favorite American comfort food with a vegan twist. They have everything from burgers and Phillies to rice bowls, sushi, and smoothies. At Plant Bae, you’ll never have to sacrifice flavor to eat healthy.

  • Location: Downtown
  • Type of Cuisine: Vegan
  • Menu Spotlight: Philly Cheese Bae
  • Before You Go: Plant Bae has a second location in Opelika, Alabama.

Greg’s Breakfast Bar

Greg’s Breakfast Bar was born from a love for food and sports. His parents instilled a passion for both in him as a child, and he used their inspiration when he opened his restaurant. Greg now serves delicious breakfast plates, bowls, and lunch items in Montgomery.

breakfast plate with eggs and toast
Photo credit: Julian Jagtenberg/Pexels
  • Location: Montgomery
  • Type of Cuisine: Breakfast
  • Menu Spotlight: Salmon Breakfast Plate
  • Before You Go: If you’re in a rush in the morning, order one of Greg’s breakfast sandwiches to eat on the go.

Jazzy’s Eats & Treats

Brunch and breakfast are on full display at Jazzy’s Eats & Treats. The cafe and bakery have great food and merge traditional American cuisine with a soul food flair. Based on online reviews, travelers are encouraged to make a reservation before heading to the restaurant to ensure they have a guaranteed table. 

  • Location: Montgomery
  • Type of Cuisine: Cafe & Bakery
  • Menu Spotlight: Salmon Croquettes 
  • Before You Go: Jazzy’s recently added frappucinos to the menu, so you can get your frozen coffee fix and food simultaneously.

That’s My Dog Jr.

That’s My Dog Jr. is doing major things when it comes to giving back to the community. The Montgomery restaurant is the first of its kind. Everyone who works there is a teenager, and the adults can testify to the positive benefits of keeping teens employed. Beyond giving back, the teens there serve up delicious, gourmet hotdogs, wings, and more for the whole family to enjoy.

  • Location: Montgomery
  • Type of Cuisine: Hotdogs
  • Menu Spotlight: Secret Sauce Wings
  • Before You Go: Every meal purchased at this restaurant is a donation to the non-profit organization That’s My Child, which helps empower and employ teens.

Brenda’s Bar-B-Que Pit

The cooks at Brenda’s do not play any games when it comes to barbecue. Half-stepping is not an option here, which would explain why the restaurant has been serving the Montgomery community since 1942. Beyond grilled meats, Brenda’s has fried fish and pig ears for those looking for good Southern eating. 

  • Location: Montgomery
  • Type of Cuisine: Barbecue
  • Menu Spotlight: Chopped Pork Sandwich
  • Before You Go: Brenda’s has a dessert of the month, so be sure to ask about it when you visit.

Mrs. B’s Home Cooking

dinner table
Photo credit: Nenad Delibos/Pexels

Folks describe Mrs. B’s Home Cooking as something you’d taste in your grandmother’s kitchen. The restaurant is currently in the process of updating its menu. However, travelers can find all of the soul food favorites they love right at this Montgomery restaurant.

  • Location: Montgomery
  • Type of Cuisine: Soul Food
  • Menu Spotlight: The menu is currently being updated. 
  • Before You Go: Mrs. B’s is open every day of the week except for Saturdays.

The Seafood Bistro

The Seafood Bistro was opened by a married couple from Mobile, Alabama. They both had a love for food. Jessica grew up learning about cooking in her mom’s kitchen, while Paul had been involved in the seafood business his entire life. Their joint connection to food led them to open the Seafood Bistro in Montgomery.

  • Location: Montgomery
  • Type of Cuisine: Cajun Seafood
  • Menu Spotlight: Dressed Catfish Plate
  • Before You Go: The owners of the Seafood Bistro are serial entrepreneurs and also own the gas station on Woodmere Boulevard.

K&J Rib Shack

K&J Rib Shack is a Black-owned restaurant in Montgomery. They specialize in barbecued ribs, chicken, and Southern-style cooking. The restaurant has been serving the community since 2004. 

Photo credit: Julia Filirovska/Pexels
  • Location: Montgomery
  • Type of Cuisine: Barbecue
  • Menu Spotlight: Half Slab
  • Before You Go: Although K&J’s is closed on Sunday, you can grab some of its barbecue goodness throughout the week.

Pannie George’s Kitchen

If you’ve ever heard the joke about someone with Big Momma’s arm cooking in the kitchen, Pannie George’s definitely has one in the back cooking up delicious soul food. They have everything from the cheesiest macaroni and cheese to fried chicken and black-eyed peas. They have various dinner plates where guests can choose their sides and meat choices the old-school way. 

plate of food
Photo credit: Huzaifa Bukhari/Pexels
  • Location: Multiple locations
  • Type of Cuisine: Soul Food 
  • Menu Spotlight: Dinner Plates
  • Before You Go: The name Pannie-George comes from the owners combining the names of their grandparents to honor them through the restaurant’s success and legacy.

The Cajun Leprechaun

The Cajun Leprechaun is a unique Montgomery eatery where cultures collide. The restaurant gives a Cajun spin on Irish cuisine like you’ve never seen before. The menu also includes some soul food faves with a splash of Ireland. This restaurant is truly one of a kind and worth the visit while in the city. 

Photo credit: Valeria Boltneva/Pexels
  • Location: Montgomery
  • Type of Cuisine: Cajun
  • Menu Spotlight: Lagniappe
  • Before You Go: The Cajun Leprechaun is closed on Mondays.

Montgomery has a rich history, and its culinary scene continues to add to that legacy. By merging so many different cuisines, cultures, and flavors, Montgomery restauranteurs prove that the city is growing as a hub for Black-owned restaurants in the South.