When it comes to desserts, chocolate is my guilty pleasure. I prefer my chocolate rich in flavor and it’s great when paired with nuts or peanut butter.

If you’re a fellow lover of chocolate, this list is for you. Gather your wallets and shop with these black-owned chocolate companies.

Chocolate Secrets & Wine Gardens

Chocolate Secrets founder Pam Eudaric-Amiri

Founded by Pam Eudaric-Amiri, Chocolate Secrets has been serving the Dallas Oak Lawn area for quite a few years. They offer an assortment of chocolates including bonbons, wine-filled chocolates, truffles, chocolate bars, chocolate dipped fruit, peanut butter cups, turtles, classic molded chocolate figures, French macaroons,

3 Some Chocolates

It’s not what you think, but the idea is for you to always remember the last time you had a 3 Some, so I get it fits for an unmatched gourmet chocolate experience. I’m not a huge caramel fan but their variety of caramel dip looks more than appetizing.

57 Chocolate

57 Chocolate co-founder Kimberly Addison

Ghanaian sisters Kimberly and Priscilla Addison went from transforming sun-dried cocoa beans into chocolate bars in their mother’s kitchen to now being a fully functioning online business. The name pays tribute to 1957, the year Ghana gained its independence.

Askanya Chocolates

Haitian engineer Corinne Joachim-Sanon left her six-figure salary paying job to go back to her native land to create job opportunities and wealth for others. Made from Haitian cacao by the hands of women, Askanya is the first bean to bar chocolate factory in Haiti.

Chocolate Mamas Gourmet Tanzanian Chocolate Company

Premium chocolate locally sourced from local farmers and 100% pure cocoa with no mixed vegetable oils, adulterants, or preservatives in East Africa. It’s sold locally in supermarkets and delis.

Choco Togo

You can’t travel to West Africa without attending a tasting session with Choco Togo chocolate. 70% of the world’s cocoa supply comes from West and Central Africa, according to the World Cocoa Foundation. Led by a team of Togolese women of diverse educational backgrounds, Choco Togo uses traditional methods and ingredients such as peanut, coconut, and ginger.

Dapaah Chocolates

This family-owned company makes dairy-free chocolate with coconut milk. Inspired by their grandmother’s cocoa plantations, siblings Kwaku Dapaah and Raphael Daapaah hope to become globally recognized for celebrating their country’s origin of premium cocoa.


Dark Sugars Chocolate

From Ghana to London, enjoy truffles, pearls, Jamaican white rum chocolate, chocolate covered mango slices, and other assorted vegan-friendly chocolates. They also have liquor-infused chocolate treats and five types of hot chocolate at their shop.

Harlem Chocolate Factory

Harlem Chocolate Factory

If you want a taste of Harlem, stop by Harlem Chocolate Factory for a medley of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate bark, turtles and various other flavors. Founder Jessica Spaulding tapped into her love for chocolate to create handcrafted signature collections of chocolate, despite being allergic to it at a young age. Their most sold out item is the Triple Berry Brownstone bars, made with strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and a sprinkle of 24k Gold.


LoshesChocolate goes through a 9-step process to ensure the rich flavor of their bean-to-bar chocolate in Lagos, Nigeria. Their chocolate is made with three key ingredients, cocoa, milk, and sugar.

Magnolia Chocolatier

Magnolia Chocolatier founder Margaret King

Located in Barbados and founded by Margaret King, Magnolia Chocolatier offers exquisite artisan chocolate, bonbons, granola, and desserts. Margaret grew up in Stamford, Connecticut but desserts are in her blood. Her mother, sister, and brother worked for a “sweetie factory” (Caribbean Confectionery Company) when she was young and in the early 90s, she started on her own chocolate journey.

My Chocolate Soul

Earlier this year, My Chocolate Soul moved from their retail store in Chicago to the Big Apple, “spreading joy through chocolate.” Bronx native and founder Ramona Thomas used her chocolate knowledge, from chocolate courses at the first chocolate academy in the US.

Midunu Chocolates

Get a true taste of Africa’s heritage through Ghanaian cocoa and other flavors and spices from all over the continent. Each truffle is inspired and named after different African women.

Philip Ashley Chocolates

Phillip Ashley Chocolates mixes luxury and chocolate as the premier chocolate shop in Memphis, TN. Their high profile clientele includes Disney, Stevie Wonder and more. They also offer corporate tasting and branding services. Forbes called designer chocolatier and chef Phillip Ashley Rix the “Real Life Willy Wonka.”

Pure Chocolate by Jinji

@jinjichcolate | Instagram

Pure Chocolate by Jinji offers chocolate covered strawberries and guava, free from dairy, gluten, and refined sugars. You can taste their creative selection of barks, fudges, truffles and more at their shop in Baltimore’s Historic Belvedere Square.

Savanna Premium Chocolate

Three reasons to love Savanna chocolate: they’re made in Africa, made with single origin cocoa beans and they directly trade with local farmers, preserving Africa’s chocolate impact.

Vivere! Chocolates (To Live)

Celebrate life at this chocolate shop in Hackettstown, New Jersey. Founder Robert Bowden serves homemade chocolates made from 70% chocolate and cream ganaches crafted out of cacao beans made in Africa, Central America, and South America and other treats.