Black Family Acquires 20 Jamba Juice Franchises In The San Francisco Bay Area
Photo Credit: Unsplash | Joanna Kosinska

Photo Credit: Unsplash | Joanna Kosinska

Black Family Acquires 20 Jamba Juice Franchises In The San Francisco Bay Area

California , San Francisco , United States
Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Oct 23, 2020

The Redmon family now owns 20 Jamba Juice franchises in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Charlayne Redmon, her husband Dwayne, and their four children acquired the businesses through investments and acquisitions.

It all started when the husband and wife duo launched CFO to Small Business: a financial consulting company for small business owners.

Dwayne initially acquired a contract with Jamba Juice through CFO to Small Business and later expressed interest in ownership.

When 16 corporate locations were sold off, The Redmon’s made an offer to buy it. Once the family acquired the 16, they purchased two more locations from private owners and built two others from the ground up.

Even with their success, the Redmon’s said they experienced some setbacks.

“During COVID-19, we’ve had to temporarily close six locations. The ones in the malls were definitely closed, and others it didn’t make sense to keep open because there were no customers,” Phillip, the youngest of their children, told Black Enterprise. “We were also trying to figure out the PPP funding. But we’re happy to say that all of our locations are now back up and running.”

Their franchises are under Valley Juice Co., LLC, an umbrella corporation they formed to protect their investments, business partners, financial backer, and a director of operations. 

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