Walter Harris is the chef and co-owner of Noodle Station: where Modern America meets traditional Asian cuisine.

The soul-warming bowls of ramen found in Fort Lauderdale were inspired by his time in Japan.

Located at 3045 N. Federal Highway,  Walter, who served as a general manager at Dada in Delray Beach for more than a decade, calls Noodle Station “Asian soul food.”


“I call it ‘Asian street food with soul,’” he said. “Most of what I learned, I learned at Dada, and by absorbing like a sponge all the soul food, my mom used to make.”

Chef Harris’ interest in Japanese culture, including Japanese comic books known as manga and anime, led him to a two-week vacation to the country in 2017.  He climbed Mt. Fuji, slept overnight in a Buddhist temple, and survived on Japanese noodle bowls. This experience is what inspired and launched Noodle Station.


“It was the most mental clarity I’ve experienced in my life,” Harris added.

On the menu are signature noodle bowls, including the American Samurai, made with ramen rice noodles and 13-hour braised and pulled pork shoulder; The O.G., made with a combination of ramen, grilled bok choy, and corn; Bao buns, and more.