Marcel Ravin has been described as one of the most talented chefs of his generation. With a Michelin star and a culinary style like no other, Ravin is one of few Black men leading one of the most popular restaurants in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Just a 22-minute train ride from Nice is the prime travel destination along the French Riviera known as Monte Carlo. Surrounded by yachts,  expensive cars, five-star hotels, and the Grand Casino,  Monte Carlo is known to attract the who’s who from around the world for a vacation.  

It is also the home of a famous Michelin star chef who happens to run the kitchen behind one of the most popular restaurants in Monte Carlo.

Inside Blue Ray’s kitchen at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort,  you will find dishes inspired by Chef Ravin’s Creole roots.

“I brought with me the memory of dishes from my native land: spices, produce, and remarkable recipes,” Ravin told Black Enterprise in an interview referring to his home Martinique.  “This baggage, which I love to call my ‘mind palate,’ guided me on my path and shaped my identity, becoming the basis of my culinary identity.”

Ravin said his culinary identity was shaped by his grandmother who a Creole garden when he was growing up.

“We ate what we produced and raised,” he said.  “I developed a taste memory with her. It’s something that became such a part of me that I always promised myself that I’d have my own garden one day.”

The Blue Bay has its own vegetable garden, which was created by the Chef in collaboration with the start-up Terre de Monaco. 

When it comes to living as a Black man in Monte Carlo, Chef Ravin said he feels welcome.

“I didn’t feel any difference regarding the color of people or culture. I will always remember the sentence of the SAS Prince Albert of Monaco—thanks for being there and I hope you will stay a long time among us,” he said.

In addition to leading the Blue Bay, Ravin collaborated with Air France Airlines to create new signature dishes for business class and premium economy, as reported in Black Enterprise.