We love August, let it be said. It is the month where every day feels like Sunday and there is simply no way to top that. Unless a flight and trustworthy heat is involved of course.

As far as August travel goes, expect everyone to be picking a Summer getaway. While airports will be busy to say the least, the trip will be so very worth it. An ‘out of office’ just hits different in the month of August. There are a few destinations that may excite Black travelers in this month. With culture, Diaspora presence, safety and events in mind, here are some destinations that Black travelers should add to their August travel lists: 

Florence, Italy

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Florence is a timeless choice and recently, it has gained a lot of attention as the go-to travel spot for Black travelers seeking a quieter, grown kind of Summer. The entire city is steeped with history, art and incredible food. Rome is an obvious choice but Florence is Europe’s silky Summer secret. Choose Florence for a wine-in-hand 24/7 type of August. 

St. John’s, Antigua

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Coral reefs, endless hiking trails and plenty of pristine sandy beaches, this is what you can expect when visiting Antigua all year round. August is an additional glory because the carnival takes place from the end of July to early August each year. The island is known for an idyllic place to rest and take it slow but visiting in August means a summer full of endless nights dancing on the road, palm trees and island vibes certified. 


African tours
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August in Tanzania is dry and cool. If you’re not into sweltering heat then this African country is a must-visit. Whether you’re hoping to enjoy safari-season or dive into crystal clear waters and some of the best beaches on offer, Tanzania has something for you. We recommend Zanzibar for snorkelling and Tarangire for orange sunsets to remember by the Tarangire river.

Edinburgh, Scotland

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Travelers looking for an art fix in Europe are in luck when visiting Scotland. With August being the month of the Fringe Festival, the entire city feels like an open gallery. Creatives should flock to Scotland not only for the festival and summer vibes, but also for the cobblestoned cuteness of the city. 

London, UK

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London made the August list not only because it is one of the months you can usually count on some sunny days, but also because of Notting Hill Carnival which makes a reappearance this year after a pandemic-induced break. London is a favourite destination for Black travelers wanting to experience Black culture, incredible music scenes, a bunch of Black-owned eateries and a special kind of charm in this international city. 


Taryn Elliott

Even with it being high season, Turkey is a great choice to enjoy your August vacation. Turkey is a country almost out of a fairytale; it is unrivalled as far as tradition and history goes. Black travelers enjoy Antalya for the fairytale vibes and Cappadocia (for obvious reasons). Wherever you end up, a Turkey trip is going to take your August to the next level.


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Ah Guatemala, when is this country not at the top of travel lists worldwide? All of Central America is truly lindo but Guatemala has a special kind of charm. The Garifuna culture is enough to attract Black travelers but the entire country has something to keep you exploring this Summer. Black travelers especially enjoy this location, the warm culture, the variety of things to do and a way to enjoy the country on all budgets. It goes without saying that the views from Lake Atitlán or from the Río Dulce or even from atop a volcano are unmatched. Adventurous travelers will find themselves extending their trip far beyond August…