Salvador is one of the most visited cities in Brazil by tourists from all over the world. Situated in the state of Bahia, Salvador offers a vibrant Afro-Brazilian culture, charming historic buildings, beautiful beaches and an amazing food scene. However, it is not the only city in the state of Bahia that blows away the minds of tourists.

The beautiful southern region of Bahia is a must-go for those who love breathtaking beaches, historic sites, fancy and cozy restaurants and a more relaxing vibe than what is seen in Salvador.

We’ve compiled this list of seven places you should go in Bahia after (or before) visiting Salvador. Get your sunglasses, sunscreen, shorts, flip-flops, beach hat and enjoy Bahia’s Southern region paradise.

1. Ilhéus

  Known as the ‘Land of Chocolate’ and the ‘Cocoa Capital’ (fruit that is the raw material for chocolate), the city was the main port of cocoa production from Bahia to the world in the 19th century.

Its beaches have extensive sandy tracks and appeal to surfers and divers. The Milionários and the Sul beaches are near downtown and have tents and lodging.

The Paranaguá Palace, the São Jorge Church and the São Sebastião Cathedral, with its Baroque and Gothic style, are also attractions that deserve to be visited.

Ilhéus craft market is also worth a visit. It has a good variety of handcrafted pieces and souvenirs for you to take home, as well as a restaurant with affordable price.

You can visit cocoa farms like the Primavera and the Yrerê, where you will learn about the cocoa production cycle from plantation to final product, as well as tastings.


2. Trancoso

Considered the most sophisticated district of Bahia, Trancoso is known for its beautiful beaches usually frequented by international celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey, Will Smith, Beyoncé, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Leonardo de Caprio. 

Trancoso also offers a charming nightlife, where you can enjoy clubs and lounges situated in colonial houses.

But  Trancoso is also famous for its nearly deserted beaches and other ones suitable for surfing, kayaking, cycling and hiking.

You should also visit Praia do Espelho (The Mirror Beach), one of the most beautiful beaches in Bahia.

3. Caraívas

Caraíva is 22 miles away from Trancoso. It is a small and rustic village, and it is strung along the bank of Caraiva river and the sea. The village maintained its bucolic charm, with streets paved with sand and no light poles.

For many tourists, It seems  that time has stopped there. Cars are not allowed in.

It’s perfect for those who want to experience a new way of enjoying life immersed in nature with the locals and the rhythm of the tides in the sea.

4. Porto Seguro


Gateway to the region known as Brazil’s Discovery Coast, Porto Seguro. It was there that the Portuguese first arrived in the Americas in 1500.

Between historic houses, streets and churches, the center (Cidade Alta) keeps the environment of the early Brazilian colonial period.

The city’s coast is taken by beach huts. There are many activities such as collective dance classes and band performances to the sound of Afro-Brazilian music and other genres.

Taperapuan Beach is the most visited beach by tourists. The Mutá beach has more reserved and charming huts.

As far as the cuisine, you will find handicraft fair, restaurants and typical snacks, like cocada (coconut candy) and tapioca (type of crêpe made with manioc flour). 

Porto Seguro has luxurious resorts and charming Inns.

5. Arraial D'Ajuda

Famous after being discovered by hippies in the 1970s, Arraial preserves, is an irresistible atmosphere that mixes the rustic with the sophistication.

Closer to the center of Arraial d’ Ajuda, Mucugê Beach has restaurants by the sea, where you can snack and even have lunch in the calm and warm waters. 

The very charming Rua do Mucugê, whic gives access to the beach, is one of the main attractions of Arraial. It has excellent restaurants, ice cream parlors, stylish shops, bars with live music and good inns.

For those who want to enjoy a less crowded beach, Taipe beach is the right place in Arraial. It has beautiful cliffs, coconut trees, green sea and a unique climate of a deserted beach.

6. Coroa Vermelha

Coroa Vermelha (Red Crown) is located 14 miles from Porto Seguro.

The beach has clear, warm and calm waters, without waves and great for those who enjoy a good view. There, at low tide, several natural pools are formed, with corals and colorful fish.

Also, the Pataxó Indigenous Village is worth a visit. There you can visit an indigenous museum and a fair that sells souvenirs, indigenous utensils and local crafts.

7. Itacaré

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons | Author: Katia Alves

Another popular tourist destinations in the South of Bahia, Itacaré is known for its ecotourism.

Protected by  the Atlantic rainforest, Itacaré has beaches with white sand, surrounded by coconut trees. Rivers, waterfalls, virgin forests, trails, sandbanks and mangroves mark the stunning nature.

Itacaré offers natural conditions perfect for hiking and mountain biking through the Atlantic forest and rafting actives.

Many bars and restaurants make the nightlife of Itacaré one of the liveliest in the region. The Pedro Longo street is home to most of the bars and restaurants, where you can taste local foods and snacks.

The main tourist sites are Praia da Concha, Itacarezinho Beach,  Prainha, a place for surfers and a landmark of the city.