Bad Bunny And Adidas Will Fly Out Fans To Puerto Rico And New York This Summer
Photo Credit: Courtesy of adidas

Photo Credit: Courtesy of adidas

Bad Bunny And Adidas Will Fly Out Fans To Puerto Rico And New York This Summer

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Brunno Braga
Brunno Braga Aug 9, 2022

Puerto Rico is known for its warm and sunny days most of the year, which means it is always summer in this US territory. Positive vibes, beaches and beautiful blue skies are common. Inspired by the eternal summer of Puerto Rico, Bad Bunny and adidas are selecting several fans of this Puerto Rican reggaeton star for a flight to this beautiful archipelago located in the Caribbean sea. Also, winners will get the chance to fly to New York to attend the Puerto Rican artist’s concert at Yankee Stadium.

To recognize the year’s hottest season, adidas launches an activation that represents the spirit of the artist, celebrating Bad Bunny’s creative and blue-sky thinking that has led him to become the global icon he is today.

Adidas explains that, through the Confirmed app, people can register and participate to be a part of this experience. Spending a night in Puerto Rico and briefly encapsulating the ultimate summer, travelers will then ride on a custom-wrapped baby blue airplane from Puerto Rico to New York. The winners will be announced on August 18.

According to the sportswear brand, the plane will have all things baby blue and give each invitee the everlasting Bad Bunny experience, taking them to the Bad Bunny concert live in the Bronx on August 27.

“The plane also symbolizes the power of Benito’s art, which manages to bring the essence of La Isla to the entire world, crossing all borders. It is an ode to summer, to play and experience the infinite possibilities that the universe offers us. To create and fly without limits, and express ourselves in total freedom,” adidas says in a press release.

Over the past two months, Bad Bunny has become one of the most popular artists on Spotify. The Puerto Rican star’s latest album “Un Verano Sin Ti” is in its seventh week at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. has amassed more Spotify streams recently

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