Bachelorette Party Loses 'Everything' After Houston Airbnb Is Robbed
Photo Credit: Karlissea Hives

Photo Credit: Karlissea Hives

Bachelorette Party Loses 'Everything' After Houston Airbnb Is Robbed

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Jul 9, 2021

Weddings and the events leading up to the big day are supposed to be some of the most memorable moments to enjoy with loved ones. But for one group of women at a Houston Airbnb, their bachelorette weekend turned into a nightmare.

Karlissea Hives got engaged in 2019 to her long-time friend, but when the pandemic hit, she found herself contemplating her big wedding day plans. 

“Every girl dreams of getting married,” she told the Houston Chronicle.

Hives decided not to give up on their wedding plans and decided to postpone the ceremony and activities to 2021, including the Bachelorette party.

Hives’ bridesmaids called the weekend, “Hives Fling Before The Ring.”

She and five friends met at their Houston Airbnb on a Friday and things were smooth sailing.

The next day, they went out around 3 p.m. to Amahle Bar and Lounge in Midtown, only to find out later that they had been robbed.

There was no damage to the home they were staying in that would indicate a break-in but all of their belongings were gone, including their luggage, wallets, credit cards, food and drinks from the refrigerator, a ring light, one of the bride’s engagement rings, and their toothbrushes and deodorant.

But it gets worse.

Two of the cars were missing. The group traveled with three and were down to one. And according to Hives, it’s because one woman took her key fob with her that night.

They called their Airbnb host, Sean, because the initial thought was their cars were towed.

But when police got arrived on the scene, authorities confirmed that someone entered with a key.

They were unable to reach the host and proceeded to file a police report. All six women managed to get home in one car without a change of clothes. Hives said she called the apartment complex and was told that management knew nothing about the incident.

She’s expected to get married on Aug. 7 and instead of finalizing the big day, she’s working to get everything she lost.

“It really set us back a lot both mentally and physically,” she said, adding that the thieves took their social security cards, COVID-19 vaccination cards, and tried to open new lines of credit.

“Someone even tried to impersonate me and remove the fraud alert from my Capital One credit card,” said Hives. “That’s bold.”

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