So you’re getting married. Or your bestie is. Either way, planning a bachelorette party that won’t soon be forgotten can be stressful. It’s tough to find an activity that can keep everyone engaged and, in the case of a destination party, the perfect spot.

That’s where the experts come in.

Stephanie Kilson-Thomas is the founder of KT Travel and More, a Black-owned destination wedding, honeymoon, and romance travel agency. She started the business as a side hustle in March 2018 after a 10-year career in pharmaceutical and surgical sales.

“When I was in year seven, I launched my travel agency,” Kilson-Thomas told Travel Noire. “When the pandemic hit last year, unfortunately, I lost my job. So, I spent the better part of 2020 either looking for a new job or figuring out how I can elevate KT Travel and More. I really feel that it was God’s calling for me to do this full-time because I didn’t find a new job. But, I was able to invest a lot in growing my agency and promoting on social media. Also, being able to collaborate with other Black-owned businesses in the wedding industry really helped my audience and grow my clients.”

Kilson-Thomas has planned everything from bachelorette trips to honeymoons and is sharing her recommendations for the best destinations to make your bachelorette party one to remember.

1. Mexico

Courtesy of: Aman


Mexico is a popular vacation destination but according to Kilson-Thomas, it’s also an ideal spot for bachelorette parties and there are three great options.

“In Mexico, you have Cancún, Playa del Carmen, and Riviera Maya. Cancún has great nightlife for bachelorettes. What you’d find is some resorts in the Cancún area have nightclubs at the resort.

Royalton Riviera, Cancún, or Planet Hollywood are a couple that have a disco or a nightclub on-site. It gives you the opportunity to have fun and party without having to leave the resort.”

For those who want to get away from the Cancún area and enjoy a more mature scene, Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya offer that aspect while maintaining proximity to Cancún. Another reason to choose Mexico? It provides various opportunities to up your social media game.

“There are all the excursions and Instagram worthy
things they can post on social media,” says Kilson-Thomas. “For example, doing ATVs, going to Hotel Xcaret in Riviera Maya, or renting a yacht at a reasonable rate to celebrate the bachelorette. Those are some of the things that bachelorettes love to do when they’re in Mexico or on their bachelorette trip in general.”

It’s also relatively easy to get to Mexico from the United States.



2. Jamaica

Courtesy of: Michael Godwin


According to Kilson-Thomas, good resorts, good hotels, and good food are among the many reasons to visit the Caribbean island. There’s also a lot to keep your party occupied.

“Some of the most popular things that bachelorettes like to do on their trip in Jamaica is going to Dunn’s River Falls, or they’ll go to Doctor’s Cave or Rick’s Café. If you’re going either to Montego Bay, Negril, or Ocho Rios, the different excursion companies will have a hotel pickup and drop off.

So, if you’re in Montego Bay, which is about an hour and a half from Negril, but you want to go to Rick’s Café as an excursion, you have the opportunity to get picked up and dropped off from your hotel.”

Nightlife in Montego Bay is very vibrant and one hotel that’s very popular for bachelorettes is Breathless Montego Bay Resort & Spa, located on Montego Bay’s Hip Strip. The resort also has locations in Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

“What’s unique to them is they have bachelorette and bachelor packages included that you can add on to your stay at the hotel,” explained Kilson-Thomas. “The hotel has three different levels. It has a VIP level, a party level, and then a relaxation level.  It’s got everything that you’re looking for and is located on the hip strip. So you’re right outside a lot of fun and entertainment as well.”

3. The Bahamas

Courtesy of: Fernando Jorge


Brides-to-be love the Bahamas for their destination wedding because of the beaches. Those beautiful pure white sand beaches and crystal blue waters also make it a great spot for a girls’ trip before your nuptials.

Kilson-Thomas hosted her own bachelorette party there in 2017 and knows firsthand why it’s a fantastic option.

“Señor Frog’s is where the cruise ships dock when people are visiting the Bahamas, and so it’s right there. There are lots of people, the DJ is great— it’s a fantastic time. They have this really tall chair that you can climb on, and you can sit and take pictures and look fabulous. And once again, that’s Instagram-worthy. That’s a lot of the things that a lot of bachelorettes are looking for when they’re choosing a destination: how can we flex on the ‘gram?”

The capital city Nassau is rife with culture and Kilson-Thomas recommends soaking it all in on your trip. Particularly the good libations.

“Everybody wants to have a nice ‘lit-uation’ when they’re on their bachelorette trip. So they have the rum tour and you’re learning the history of the Bahamas. The food in the Bahamas is amazing as well. So for those bachelorettes who are foodies that want to have a good time and also eat some great food, the Bahamas is definitely a great choice.”

4. Miami and Fort Lauderdale

Courtesy of: Steele Rutherford


If you would like to keep your celebrations close to home, take the party to Miami in South Florida or on the southeastern coast to Fort Lauderdale.

“The Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas are for someone who doesn’t want to leave the States or is not comfortable going international yet. But at the same time, they’re still looking for a good time. Miami and Fort Lauderdale are two great areas for bachelorettes.

“You’ve got the beaches, you have the Wynwood district in Miami that’s like the artsy district, great food, and lots of culture without having to leave the country. Once again, lots of Instagram-worthy areas in Miami that brides-to-be love to post. They have the opportunity to possibly spot a celebrity at a nightclub while enjoying their bachelorette.”


5. St. Lucia

Courtesy of: Ronald Raoul


St.Lucia has cemented its place among the best honeymoon destinations in the world. The Helen of the West Indies has been named “World’s Leading Honeymoon Destination” by the World Travel Awards 12 times. Kilson-Thomas shared that the island is increasingly gaining more attention as a pre-wedding party spot due in part to its uniqueness.

“It’s not what everybody is always doing. When I look at St. Lucia it is a lot more of a romantic place for people to visit. But I do believe with its uniqueness and its beauty that lots of bachelorettes are aiming to be different and step out of the box. It might cost a little more for them versus going to Jamaica or Cancún for example. They’re daring to be different and venturing out more and have been reaching out and choosing St Lucia as an option for their bachelorette trip.”

6. Arizona

Courtesy of: Loren Cutler


This is another great domestic location where you don’t have to worry about everyone not having their passports in order for a trip. It’s also perfect for the bridal party looking to decompress before the big day.

“Phoenix has some of the best spa hotels in the country,” said Kilson-Thomas. “So, lots of brides get to have the ruggedness of going on excursions and going on ATVs and doing things like that but then also the spas, the relaxation, and the massages. Their spas are above anything else that a lot of brides-to-be have experienced. They get to have the best of both worlds when they choose a destination like Phoenix, Arizona for their bachelorette trip.”


7. Las Vegas

Courtesy of: Ken Yam


If you’ve seen The Hangover, you know that Las Vegas and bachelor/bachelorette parties are practically synonymous.

“That is and will forever be one of the number one choices for bachelorettes. You just want to go to have a good time, be able to be yourself, enjoy the shows, go to the pool parties, and eat at some of the best restaurants in the country. It’s definitely hands down an excellent time, and it really gives brides-to-be everything that they’re looking for without leaving the country.”

Try your luck in the casinos or catch one of the many residencies from Britney Spears, Toni Braxton, Céline Dion, and pretty soon Usher.

“It’s definitely an unmatched experience.”


For more information and help booking your ultimate bachelorette getaway visit KT Travel and More.