We’ve all been there. You get up to use the airplane bathroom and find a line of others waiting to go before you. When it’s finally your turn, you are greeted by a litany of smells left by the passengers who preceded you.

#1 Timing

The issue may be the timing of your restroom break. Of course, we’re not always able to choose when we must use the bathroom. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

There are certainly times when the need is more pressing than at others. However, sometimes it can be a simple matter of proper planning.

An ex-flight attendant has revealed the ideal times to use an aircraft restroom to avoid long lines and nasty odors when flying.

Worst time:

“The worst time to use the aeroplane loo is right before take-off (some people do!) and at the very end of a flight, especially if it’s long-haul,” she says.

“It can be equally bad after a bumpy spot of turbulence during which time the seat belt signs would have been turned on. As soon as they are turned off, you’ll get an influx of people needing the loo, as well as people who potentially feel the need to be sick.”


She also recommends heading to the restroom before food is served.

“Plane food is not nutritious. It can be oily and high in salt and fat; things that don’t tend to be great for gut health or bowel movements. If a meal isn’t sitting right with one passenger and they need to use the loo because of it, you don’t want to be in there straight after.”

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Keep these tips in mind for your next flight to potentially increase your chances of having an aircraft bathroom experience that is a bit more pleasant.

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