Asli Hassan Abade Is Somalia’s First And Only Female Pilot In Over 40 Years
Photo Credit: Asli Abade| Facebook

Photo Credit: Asli Abade| Facebook

Asli Hassan Abade Is Somalia’s First And Only Female Pilot In Over 40 Years

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Malik Peay
Malik Peay Sep 28, 2021

In 1976, Africa had its first female Air Force pilot take flight. Former Somali Air Force pilot and activist, Asli Hassan Abade made history and is still the only woman military aircraft flyer.

She used her historical feat to push for more civil resolution for her Somalia during the early 2000s, and still continues to do so.

In her early years, she would carry the Somali flag in front of lawmakers to urge more equity and peace. Over four decades ago, Hassan Abade made history and her country is celebrating her taking up space in a male-dominated space.

Now, the 59-year-old pilot has returned to Somalia after flying abroad for the last few years of her adult life. Hassan Abade gained flight experience in Europe and made the United States her home shortly after she finished her air-flight training.

Asli Abade| Facebook

The Somali pilot grew up near the Mogadishu airport which birthed her interest in the aircraft that would land next to her childhood home.

Asli Hassan Abade’s previous active years in the military included her dropping off medical supplies to local Somali communities who needed resources during the country’s hardships with famine. Her passion for flying is breaking boundaries for Arabic and African women, who may look towards controlling aircraft as their lifelong dreams.

The port city of Mogadishu where Asli Hassan Abade was born is known to being one of the most populated cities in Somalia. The Islamic city is a vital region to the country’s economy, where goods and gold are traded between other nations.

Asli Hassan Abade is inspiring younger generations of future female African pilots and since she is the only female pilot in her homeland, she is the leading example of what an African female pilot looks like.

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