When you go on vacation, what’s something that you must do once there? For us, we always seek out unique and over-the-top experiences, but add in food, and you really won our heart. We love trying new things, and several Aruba dining experiences have surely won us over.

If you are making your way to the Dutch Caribbean island soon, we wanted to put you on to a few unique Aruba dining experiences that will surely give your friends and family FOMO.

1. Sunset Concierge at Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino


DeAnna Taylor

Celebrating something special? Want to treat yourself or your significant other? This experience will definitely get the job done.

A new offering at the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino, the sunset concierge dinner, allows travelers to curate their own sunset 5-course meal across the property.

You can choose from a table set up on the beach, poolside, as well as a cute bridge over the pools— as the place for dinner.

There are two main menus to choose from, with each menu bringing multiple options for your courses. You can also select your favorite wine or bubbly to be served during your meal.

Your personal table attendant will surely make you feel like royalty as you indulge in a great meal while watching the Aruba sunset— an experience in itself.


2. Flying Fishbone


DeAnna Taylor

If you’ve been to Aruba and have been to Flying Fishbone, then you already know. But, for those who don’t, go book a table ASAP.

Flying Fishbone is an Aruba dining experience like no other. At first glance, it seems like any other mom-and-pop seafood spot on the island, but once you walk through the outdoor foyer— your mind is blown.

This restaurant allows guests to literally dine barefoot as they eat in the ocean. No, really. Many of the tables are set up on a shallow shore, with only a small wall of rocks separating you from the sea. Feast on fresh seafood entrées including lobster, fresh-caught fish, and jumbo shrimp.

Pro Tip: Wear sandals that are easy to remove and that you don’t mind getting a little sandy. 

3. Papiamento

DeAnna Taylor

Named for one of the main languages spoken by locals, Papiamento Restaurant is one of the most popular dining experiences in Aruba.

The family-owned restaurant serves an array of authentic dishes as well as an extensive wine and cocktail menu.

What makes this restaurant so special is that it is in the backyard of the home of the family that owns it. While they don’t live in the home present day, you can definitely find the owners’ children walking around and mingling on any given day.

Tables are arranged around the family’s beautiful pool, and you can also tour the private wine cellar and “hidden” cigar lounge.