Are You A "Blerd?" Check Out These Destinations Which Cater To Nerd Culture
Photo Credit: Photo by Alena Darmel

Photo Credit: Photo by Alena Darmel

Are You A "Blerd?" Check Out These Destinations Which Cater To Nerd Culture

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Jul 15, 2022

Contrary to the belief of some, Black people enjoy nerdy things. Video games, anime, comic conventions- yes please, take all our money! The chief appeal of these is escapism, which is useful when we need a distraction from present events.

Video game tourism, which didn’t exist years ago, is on the rise. While games are often rooted in pure fantasy, there are references to real-life places.

As noted by India Outbound, “some games include a tourist hot spot or a famous monument, which sparks interest for players.” For example, in Assassin’s Creed, the protagonist scales the most famous structure in Rome after the Vatican: the Colosseum. The Spiderman game from 2018 allows you to swing through Manhattan. And in Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness, Lara Croft (when she still looked very angular) explores the Louvre.

If you have a Blerd in your life, send them to these nerd-friendly destinations.



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This is an obvious first. The country that gave the world anime, manga and scores of electronics.

The Akihabara area in Tokyo is filled with manga shops, arcades and themed cafes. Here, you’ll also find the flagship location of Super Potato, which sells retro video games.  It’s just a 5 minute walk from the Akihabara train station.

Millennials recall playing Street Fighter and Resident Evil back when the graphics were shoddy. These franchises were created by Capcom, a game developer based in Osaka. They also have operations in other cities.


New York


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New York Comic Con at the Javits Center is the largest pop culture convention on the East coast. There’s also The Big Apple Con (which is cheaper), Brooklyn Comic Con and Anime Next.

If you want to stock up on manga, art books and Japanese memorabilia, visit Kinokuniya in midtown Manhattan.

Knock back a few pints of beer while playing retro games at Barcade. There are locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Also, keep your eyes peeled on Facebook, as there are always cosplay photo shoots being organized.



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Comic Con International in San Diego takes place July 21-24. It’s the West Coast answer to New York Comic Con and attracts thousands.

Los Angeles Comic Con is also a lot of fun and takes place in December.

If you like Escape Rooms, there’s Red Door Escape Room in San Diego and 60 Out in Los Angeles. Here, you’ll find rooms with all kinds of themes and levels of difficulty.

Be sure to visit Torpedo Comics, Golden Apple Comics and Comics Factory, too.


South Korea

The New York Times once described the e-sports culture in South Korea as “deadly serious.” Elite gamers forgo sleep and dedicate hours to refining their craft. Why? For stardom and bragging rights.

The Times notes that, “by 2000, South Korean cable channels were the first in the world to broadcast online gaming competitions.”

Comic Zone and Dice Latte are great comic and graphic novel shops in Seoul. If you’re going there in August, check out Seoul Comic Con.



The United Kingdom

The English capital just wrapped up the London Film and Comic Con earlier this month.

While you’re in England, check out the Brighton Palace Pier which is full of arcade games and rides.

Arcade Club near Manchester is the biggest free-play arcade in Europe. According to the site, “there are four floors of arcade machines, pinball and other exciting gaming attractions.”

In Aberystwyth, Wales, there’s the Royal Pier offering arcade games for the whole family.

Scotland offers Game Zone, with 150 games and counting.



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