Angela Bassett Is The Voice Of Disney's New Fireworks Show And We Need Her To Narrate More Things
Photo Credit: Jon Kopaloff

Photo Credit: Jon Kopaloff

Angela Bassett Is The Voice Of Disney's New Fireworks Show And We Need Her To Narrate More Things

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Oct 2, 2021

Angela Bassett is an actress that gets better with time. From her role as Anna Mae Bullock in What’s Love Got To Do With It, that iconic walk away after setting her husband’s car on fire in Waiting To Exhale, and playing famed matriarch Katherine Jackson— she has solidified herself as Black Hollywood royalty. Oh, we can’t forget about Black Panther, too.

As we recently reported, the starlet recently got an amazing wax figure at Madame Tussauds, and the resemblance is spot on.

Now, Angela Bassett is taking her talents to a new realm as she is the narrator and voice behind Disney World’s 50th anniversary Magic Kingdom fireworks show, Enchantment.

The nearly 20-minute spectacle features clips and scenes from some of the Disney brand’s most popular movies displayed on the Magic Kingdom castle. As the scenes play, synchronized fireworks shoot up into the sky, leaving guests memorized by the thought that was put into creating such a thing.

Near the end of the show, Angela Basset’s soothing and motherly voice can be heard saying: “Look inside yourself and realize that you have everything you need to make all your dreams come true. Anything is possible, for you are the magic!”

It’s something about her voice that literally makes you feel empowered in that moment. While she can be heard throughout the 20-minute event, those words resonate with you, and you’re left wanting to hear more encouraging words and phrases from the award-winning actress. The little girl or boy inside you is awakened as the words coupled with the colorful fireworks display continue in the background.

The show then cuts to the celebration’s new theme song, ‘You Are The Magic’, written by Grammy-winner Phillip Lawrence. If that name sounds familiar, he has worked closely with Bruno Mars, collaborating on hits like ’24K’ and ‘Uptown Funk.’

Lawrence actually got his musical start with Disney, starring in and singing in the park’s Festival of the Lion King and Tarzan Rocks shows.

Singer Halle Bailey performed “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” during the public debut of the show, and the new Little Mermaid actress went viral for her powerful vocals.

Enchantment officially debuted October 1 and will run for the next 18 months at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando.

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