Ayesha Curry Shares The Magic Of Experiencing Disney's 50th With Daughters
Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

Ayesha Curry Shares The Magic Of Experiencing Disney's 50th With Daughters

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Sep 30, 2021

If you haven’t heard by now, Walt Disney World in Orlando is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and everyone including wife, mom, and restaurant entrepreneur Ayesha Curry are in town to take part.

The park opened its gates to its first guests on October 1, 1971, and now the park has planned a magical celebration to mark the momentous occasion. From the all-new fireworks shows in EPCOT and Magic Kingdom to tons of ‘magical details’ across the resort— Disney is going all out for this milestone birthday event.

Curry and her two adorable girls, Riley and Ryan, made the trip to Florida to hit the parks with friends and revel in the magic that only Disney can create.

Courtesy of Walt Disney World

“So it’s so crazy, this is my first time coming to Disney World,” Ayesha Curry told Travel Noire. “I’ve been to Disneyland with them in the past when they were really little, so this is really a first experience for all of us. I hate to sound punny, but it’s been so magical, and you can’t help but to feel the excitement in the air. I’m really happy to be a part of the 50th anniversary, it’s been so nice.”

The excitement was evident as Ryan, 6, clung to her mom, exhausted from all the fun they had in the parks the day before.

“These kids are worn out! We had the best time yesterday. We’ve been going around doing all the rides. I was shocked Ryan wasn’t scared on the Rockin’ Roll coaster, but she loved it.”

Ryan chimed in, saying she also liked the Tower of Terror in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The family got a peek of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, opening October 1 in the newly expanded France pavilion at EPCOT.

Walt Disney World

With Ayesha being such a well-known foodie, we had to ask were there any dishes across the parks that she was excited to get back home and create in her own way.

“We ate at ‘Be Our Guest,’ the Beauty and the Beast Castle restaurant, and I had some scallops that were amazing. They came with a vegetable risotto, so now I want to go home and make scallops and risotto.”

While this was a bonding trip with her daughters and a time for her to see their eyes light up from all the new attractions in the parks, Curry says she could definitely see herself planning a return trip with just adults.

“That would be so much fun to just come with grown-ups. Candidly speaking there will be more drinks involved especially here at EPCOT, more thrill seeking adventures, and honestly you can come time and time again and find something different. So it will definitely happen a few times.”

Disney’s 50th anniversary celebration officially kicks off October 1. You can visit the brand’s website to see all the fun things that are in store.

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