American Express and Delta Airlines have teamed up to give its loyal travelers a permanent benefit called TakeOff 15. The two brands have been partners of over 60 years and show no signs of slowing down. Amex and Delta intentionally craft collaborations that give their customers incredible travel experiences and more value.

American Express Delta Air Lines TakeOff 15
Courtesy of American Express

How do I access the TakeOff 15 benefit?

Launching on February 2, the TakeOff 15 benefit will allow eligible card members to receive 15 percent off when using their miles to book Award Travel on Delta Flights.

Eligible card holders:

  • Delta SkyMiles® Gold, Platinum, and Reserve Consumer and Business American Express® Card Members
  • Delta SkyMiles Amex Card Members can earn miles on everyday purchases
  • Card members can enjoy rewards like their first checked bag free and priority boarding. 

It doesn’t matter how often card members travel or if they’re traveling for work or pleasure — TakeOff 15 gives everyone 15% more value on airfare booked with miles. 

This benefit applies to flights booked through the Fly Delta app and the Delta Air Lines website

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Why now?

According to a recent survey conducted by American Express, travelers are prioritizing experiences and journeying to new destinations this year. Of those surveyed, 88 percent of travelers say they are in search of more value when they travel. In fact, 91 percent of travelers surveyed revealed they are more likely to book a trip if they get a discount on the flight price. 

American Air Lines Delta Air Lines TakeOff 15
Courtesy of American Express

Small business owners can reap the benefits of TakeOff 15

The Amex survey shows that although 68 percent of small business leaders are streamlining their travel budgets, they would prioritize travel if discounts were available on airfare. 

Business Card Members can reap the benefits of TakeOff 15 by utilizing their discount to travel for business and leisure. Referred to as “Blended Travel,” business leaders are extending their work trips by a few days to fully enjoy a destination, with more than half of business leaders surveyed sharing they use their miles earned on business travel to redeem for personal trips. 

Welcome offers for new card members

From February 2nd, 2023 to March 29th, 2023, limited-time offers will be available to new Card Members who apply and are approved within the timeframe. 

The TakeOff 15 benefit does not apply to partner-operated flights or to taxes and fees.

About American Express’ Morning Consult Poll 

American Express says, “This Morning Consult poll was conducted between January 13 [and] January 17 among a national sample of 2,000 general population travelers with a household income of at least $70,000 and defined as adults who typically travel by air at least once a year and 500 Financial Decision Makers at Small Companies.”

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