Amazon has no shortage of nearly every product and brand imaginable. The mega-site is also a go-to for travel gear, especially when you need a last-minute airport outfit or travel accessory. However, wading through the sea of products can feel overwhelming, but there’s one piece of travel gear that stands out.

The coowoz large travel backpack from Amazon is pretty much everywhere on TikTok. It has close to 10,000 reviews and a near-perfect 5-star rating. After scouring the reviews and product features, it’s clear why this backpack is a travel winner. It’s hard to believe it’s less than $40. If you have any upcoming trips, especially international travel, you might want to add this to your cart. 

coowoz Large Travel Backpack

Full Open Design

Backpacks offer roomy interiors and can hold a ton, but accessing everything isn’t always so easy. This Amazon backpack has a fully open design, meaning the front flap zips up at a 90-degree angle. This makes it just as easy to access items at the bottom of the backpack as at the very top. That ease of accessibility also extends to the range of pockets on the inside. The zippered compartments keep smaller items secure. 

Amazon travel backpack
Photo credit: Amazon

Great for a Range of Activities

Some travel backpacks have a more rugged style for activities like camping or hiking. Then you have others that are more stylish or for leisure wear. This option works for both occasions. For the outdoor enthusiast, the waterproof material is a major win. The pockets can also keep your gear organized. However, this is just as useful as a personal carry-on item when flying or as a road trip necessity. The backpack is especially great for some international trips when you might be in a country that doesn’t have paved streets or elevators. The padded shoulder straps make it much more convenient than trying to wheel a heavy suitcase. 

Useful Compartments and Features

Though this Amazon backpack can certainly be used for everyday occasions, it’s truly built for travel and it has the features to prove it. There’s a small external opening so you can connect your portable charger to your phone. There’s also an anti-theft pocket for smaller important items like your wallet or passport. Another great feature is the separate shoe compartment. This is great for keeping your shoes or even dirty clothes separate from the rest of your items. 

black backpack for travel
Photo credit: Amazon

Variety of Styles

In addition to being functional, the backpack comes in more than 20 colors. You can choose a neutral black or beige that seamlessly pairs with any of your luggage sets. For the bold traveler, there’s a range of colors including peacock blue, purple, or pink. Two sizes are also available to choose from—16.5 and 18.5 inches tall. 

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