Whether you’re a jetsetter trotting across the globe or just starting to venture out to see the world, it’s likely that you’ll be traveling with electronics and need an adapter. Plugs vary from country to country and adapters help bridge the gap between the devices you have and the plugs you’ll need to charge them. Finding the right adapter is important. There are many things to consider: the country you’re visiting, the devices you’ll be charging and the size of the adapter. We have compiled a list of devices that offer a variety of features that will help keep you powered while you’re off seeing the world. 

1. Epicka Universal Travel Adapter

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Considered the best by many, the Epicka Travel Adapter is a great combination of function and affordability. The all-in-one multi-function adapter covers more than 150 countries and includes the three most common plugs and a United States style plug. It has four USB ports, one USB type C and one AC socket. It allows you to  quickly charge six devices simultaneously. The adapter’s fuse is replaceable and it even comes with a spare fuse. Plus there is internal spike and surge protection that will help protect your valuable devices​. Keep in mind, the adapter is not a voltage converter. So, make sure the devices that you will be using all have dual or variable-voltage capabilities.


2. World Travel Adapter Kit

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This adapter kit is said to be designed by travelers for travelers.  It comes equipped with two U.S. outlets, two USB ports and a micro USB cable. There are also six international adapters that can be swapped out on the back of the device based on your travel location. This kit is perfect for phones, tablets and laptop computers. There is built in protection to safeguard  those valuable devices from harmful voltage surges and spikes. Unsure of your voltage needs? The kit has a solution. There are voltage indicator LEDs – one LED illuminates to indicate 110V in the outlets or both LEDs will illuminate to indicate 220V. But keep in mind this adapter will not work with items such as hair clippers, CPAP machines, hair dryers or curling irons and it is not a voltage converter.


3. Bestek Universal Travel Adapter

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According to its creator, this universal travel adapter is the luxury option of the charging world. The device comes with a direct European Union plug and 4 adapters and is a voltage converter. It can convert 100 to 240 volts to 110 volts for American electronics. The adapter comes with over-current, overload, over-heat and short-circuit protection as well as a twenty-four month warranty. With its four USB ports and three AC ports, this inverter can charge seven devices at the same time to meet your various needs for international travel. But like many others on our list, this power converter can not be used for your hair dryer, hair straightener or curling iron regardless of their wattage.

4. Allwei International Travel Adapter for hair straighteners and curling irons

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If perfectly coiffed locks are a top priority for you when traveling then you’ll likely love this converter. Unlike others on our list, the Allwei International Travel Adapter allows for use with straightening and curling irons as well as CPAP machines, electric shavers and electric toothbrushes. Reviewers also report successfully using the device to power their hair dryers. It has two standard U.S.  plugs, four USB ports, a five foot detachable U.S. power cable and five international adapters. Another plus is the device’s compact size that allows it to be easily packed away. If time is of the essence, this adapter can charge compatible electronics from zero to eighty-five percent in thirty minutes. If you plan to charge while sleeping, the adapter’s internal fan is designed to work silently and the converter will shut down automatically to safeguard against surge protection, overheating, over-current or short circuiting.

By Arielle Clay, a contributor for Travel Noire.


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