Maryland and Missouri are the latest states in the U.S. to legalize marijuana for recreational use. 

Maryland & Missouri Have Legalized Weed

Two of the first states to legalize cannabis were Colorado and Washington in 20212. Since then, 19 states including Washington, DC have passed legislation to legalize the adult use of cannabis. Now that Missouri and Maryland have also joined in on the cannabis train, more than half of Americans can access legal marijuana.

Pardons For Offenders

Most Americans believe marijuana should be legal across the board. Back in October, President Biden stated he would pardon federal convictions for cannabis charges as well. Advocates of legalizing marijuana feel this could bring more pressure on the Biden administration to push for decriminalization of the drug.

Photo Credit: Roberto Valdivia

Creating revenue:

The legalization of marijuana in current states has brought much revenue and created more jobs for citizens in those states. Although a pardon would do some good for criminals who were charged with possession, the proper programs should be in place for those inmates to get acclimated back into society. As time goes on red and blue states are beginning to see the advantages of legalization. How do you feel about living in an America where weed is legal? Let us know your thoughts.