All Movies With LGBTQ+ Content Banned In Kenya
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

All Movies With LGBTQ+ Content Banned In Kenya

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Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Nov 22, 2022

All LGBTQ+ content is banned in Kenya after the decision made by the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB).

During a radio interview in September, KFCB Acting CEO Christopher Wambua maintained that since same-sex movies are prohibited in the Kenyan Constitution, the board will crack down on LGBTQ+ content.

“The country’s laws do not allow LGBTQ+ content or even relationships. Even as we rate and classify content, we also consider other applicable laws,” Wambua said on Spice FM. According to local reports, Wambua the crackdown will extend into mainstream media and streaming sites.

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LGBTQ+ Content Banned In Kenya:

Some examples of movies that Wambua references include the popular ‘I am Samuel’. It was prohibited, according to Wambua, because he deemed it to portray explicit homosexuality-related scenes. Additionally, Wambua expressed that the government is working to ensure that measures are taken to stop airing similar  LGBTQ+ content in the country.

According to reports, he referred to Netflix and stated that alks were underway with the US-based company to ensure that future access to homosexual content was restricted.

“Most of them are restricting; because of our discussions with Netflix, they are curating their classification system that is very aligned with our laws with the view of ensuring that in future once we sign the agreement, some of this content is not visible at all within the republic,” Wambua said.

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